Hair Care: Take Help Of These Tips To Wash Hair Professionally At Home


Washing the hair is the very first step in the hair care routine and we all do head wash at least twice a week. 

But there is a big difference between hair wash at home and salon hair wash. 

Salon hair wash is quite relaxing and after that a different smoothness is seen in the hair, which is not found in hair wash at home. 

However, every time salon hair wash can be quite expensive. 

In such a situation, if you want, you can wash hair like a professional even at home. 

You just need to follow some simple tips. 

So today in this article we are telling you about these tips.

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Use the right product

Which product you are using on your hair makes a big difference. 

There are many types of shampoos and conditioners available in the market. 

But you should take care of your scalp and hair type before using any product. 

When you choose the right product, it makes your hair look smoother and shinier.

check water temperature

When you wash your hair, it is very important to have the right temperature.

The right temperature for washing hair is neither hot nor cold. 

Whereas, hot water will damage the hair and extremely, cold water will make it uncomfortable to wash the hair when it should be really comfortable. 

Hence, professionals opt for lukewarm water, as it is best when shampooing the hair. 

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Warm water helps to open up the cuticles and remove dirt. 

Once you have washed your hair, do not forget to rinse it off with cold water.

do not scrub; massage gently

When you are washing your hair, it is also very important to apply it properly. 

When rinsing hair, take no more than two dime-size amounts of shampoo and gently massage it into your scalp,

starting from the top of your head. 

that your hair is three times weaker when it is wet so rub your scalp vigorously, instead of gently massaging it with fingers.

double cleanse

One of the main differences between professional cleaning and home cleaning is that they use a double cleaning method. 

Remove any build-up in the first round and clean your scalp in the second.

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Must do conditioning

Use conditioner once with cleaning hair. 

But avoid using conditioner on your scalp and apply it on your hair length. 

Leave it for 2-3 minutes and then clean the hair.

do wash your hair

Have you noticed how long hairdressers take to wash hair with water after applying products?

If any product remains in your hair, it will make hair look dull and lifeless. 

Therefore, rinse your hair properly to avoid product build-up or dullness. 

Once out, use a microfiber towel and wrap it around your hair, not blow drying your hair. 

Lastly, apply hair serum on the hair. Apply it on wet hair from mid length to tips. 

It removes frizz and flyaways, adds shine.

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