Glowing Skin Tips: Scrubbing In The Wrong Way Causes Wrinkles On The Face, Know The Right Way

Girls do facials and cleanups to take care of their skin. 

At the same time, some women do facials to clean the face at home. 

To clean the face, girls first scrub.

Sometimes scrubbing in the wrong way can spoil the face. 

Scrubbing the wrong way causes the face to hang. 

Scrubbing properly is very important for glowing and flawless skin. Let’s know the right way to scrub.

Scrub according to skin type

Any beauty product on the face should be used according to the skin type. 

In such a situation, the scrub on the face should also be done according to the skin type. 

Scrub on the face should be done at least twice a week. 

Excess scrubbing makes the skin dry. 

Scrubbing excessively many times leads to rash and redness on the face. 

Scrub on the face should always be done with light hands.

When and how to scrub

Scrub should always be done at night. Should be done at night. Before scrubbing, cream or moisturizer should be used on the face. 

If your pores are open then you can massage the face with ice cube. 

Wrap an ice cube in a cotton cloth and massage it for a minute.

Wear a homemade mask

Do not forget to apply face pack after scrubbing. After scrub, you can use homemade scrub. 

To make homemade face pack, first take 1 teaspoon gram flour, 1 teaspoon tomato juice. 

Mix it well. 

Then apply this pack on the face for 20 minutes. 

After that wash your face.

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