Lip Scrub Tips: For Soft And Pink Lips, Actress Kajol Uses Lip Scrub

Bollywood actress Kajol is known for her beautiful smile and glowing skin. 

The beautiful look of the actress remains viral on social media. 

Kajol uses home remedies to take care of her skin. 

Along with her skin, Kajol also takes special care of her lips. 

The actress scrubs her lips to take care of her lips.

Scrubbing the lips removes the dead cells, which makes the lips pink and soft, while the actress scrubs the lips with a toothbrush before applying lipstick. 

First, rub the brush on the lips and apply balm on the lips.

Kajol drinks a lot of water for her glowing skin. 

Drinking water keeps the skin hydrated. 

The actress also drinks water to reduce the fine line. 

Kajol starts the day with hot water. 

She definitely drinks one coconut water a day. 

You must also drink at least 3 liters of water for glowing skin. 

The actress consumes a healthy diet for glowing and youthful skin. 

In lunch, the actress consumes lentils, roti and green vegetables.

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