Shri Krishna Dressup: How To Dress Your Child Like Lord Krishna

The festival of Janmashtami is very special for Hindus.

Lord Krishna was born on the day of Janmashtami. 

On the day of Janmashtami, the tableau of Shri Krishna is decorated at home.

Apart from this, the parents punish the small child in the form of Bal Gopal. 

In such a situation, the people of the house are very excited about Janmashtami. 

Dressing the small child of the house in the incarnation of Shri Krishna, shares his photo on social media.

On the other hand, during Janmashtami, small children are made to become Radha and Krishna for the function in the school. 

During the Corona period, children have to participate in online functions. 

During this, parents are worried about making children Radha and Krishna, how to prepare children. 

If you also want to prepare your child in the form of Krishna, then with the help of these tips, you can easily give the child the form of Shri Krishna. 

Let us know how to make children Shri Krishna.

Equals needed to make Shri Krishna

Dhoti Kurta

You need yellow clothes to dress up the child as Shri Krishna. 

Take the clothes of Shri Krishna of your child’s size. 

Shri Krishna’s clothes are easily available in the market. 

After taking the yellow colored choti kurta, take the crown.

Mukut and peacock feathers 

You can easily make the crown at home too. 

If you don’t have time then you can buy beautiful crowns from the market. 

By wearing the crown, the child will feel Krishna. 

Be sure to take peacock feathers along with the crown. 

Bal Gopal’s form is incomplete without peacock feathers.

Flute and Garland

The flute is a special identity of Shri Krishna. 

It is incomplete to get the Sri Krishna look without the flute. Krishna’s look is incomplete until the child has a flute in his hand. 

If you are giving the form of Kanhaiya to your child this Janmashtami, then definitely take a flute from the market. 

A pearl garland is also necessary along with the flute.

Make your child Shri Krishna like this

First of all, after bathing your child, wear a yellow kurta and dhoti with Shri Krishna. 

After this, apply foundation on your child’s face. 

If your baby’s skin is very sensitive, then you should apply baby moisturizer on the baby’s skin.

Now apply liner on the eyes. Apply a thick and long liner on the children’s eyes. 

So that children’s eyes look more beautiful. 

Eyeshadow can also be applied on the eyes. 

If you have trouble applying liner, then you can also apply kajal to them. 

After this, apply a pink color blusher on the cheeks. 

Apply tika on the forehead of the child for the day of Sri Krishna’s look. 

Apply vaccine in U shape with red lipstick.

After applying the make-up of Shri Krishna on the face, apply peacock feathers by obstructing the head and crown. 

Give a flute to the child and wear a garland around his neck. 

Your little Bal Gopal is ready.

Do not rent Shri Krishna’s dress during the Corona period

Nowadays, the dress of Shri Krishna is easily available on rent. 

But during the Corona period, the fear of infection and virus remains due to rented clothes. 

In such a situation, instead of renting, buy the dress of Shri Krishna from the market.

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