Turmeric Lip Balm And Scrub Recipe: How To Make Turmeric Lip Balm At Home

Antibacterial elements are found in turmeric that is very beneficial for the skin. 

Turmeric is used for skin care. Turmeric is applied on the face for flawless and glowing skin. 

Do you know that turmeric is beneficial not only for the skin but also for the lips. Turmeric is very effective in healing chapped lips. 

By applying turmeric, the lips become pink. The problem of dark lips goes away by applying turmeric. You can use turmeric lip balm and lip scrub to take care of lips in winters. 

Let us know the recipe of making lip balm and lip scrub and the right way to use it.

Turmeric Lip Balm Recipe

To make lip balm, take one teaspoon of glycerin, two teaspoons of petroleum jelly, one teaspoon of honey, turmeric, and tree tea oil. 

To make lip balm from turmeric, mix petroleum jelly, glycerin, honey, turmeric and tree tea oil and mix it well. 

Once it becomes a smooth paste, keep it in the box. 

After that keep this mixture in the fridge. In 3 to 4 hours your lip balm is ready. You can use this lip balm for 10 days.

Benefits of Turmeric Lip Balm

Using turmeric lip balm will heal chapped lips. 

Honey will hydrate the lips so that the lips remain soft. With the help of glycerin, the lips remain soft for a long time. 

Winter Lip Care Use Homemade Turmeric Lip Balm.

Turmeric Lip Scrub

Lip scrub can also be used instead of lip balm to take care of the lips. 

To make turmeric lip scrub, take sugar, coconut oil, turmeric and lemon juice. 

Combine all these. 

After that apply this mixture on your lips. Do lip scrub twice a week, it will cure chapped lips as well as reduce the blackness of lips.

Benefits of Turmeric Scrub

Turmeric and lemon are bleaching agents, which reduce the darkening of the lips. 

Sugar exfoliates the skin, making the lips soft. 

Lemon becomes acid, it can also cause irritation, if you have a burning sensation, then do not use lemon.