Heart Healthy Foods: To Avoid Heart Diseases, Know What To Eat And What Not?

To keep healthy, not only has to take care of the heartbeat, but it is also important to keep the heart healthy. To take care of a healthy heart, our diet should also be healthy.
Nowadays it is like an era of heart disease. 

From youth to women, everyone is falling prey to it. But if you decide to fight this disease in time, then it will be good for you. 

Heart disease has become common due to not exercising and not eating nutritious food.

But only exercise will not make as much difference as it will with the right food and diet. 

Today we are telling you about a list of some such foods to keep your heart healthy, which will keep your heart healthy and beating. 

Let us know which foods should be eaten and which are not for a healthy heart?

eat this

green leafy vegetables

Spinach, fenugreek leaves, radish leaves, cabbage, etc. reduce the risk of heart risk and cancer. 

This is because it neither contains fat nor calories, but it is full of fiber. 

It also contains folic acid, magnesium, calcium, potassium etc.


There can be no better breakfast than oats for breakfast. 

This keeps the stomach full for a long time and it is also good for the heart. 

Oats contain beta glucan, which is a soluble fiber and helps lower cholesterol levels.


By eating this, the level of cholesterol in the body is reduced. 

In addition, it also prevents blood clotting. Almonds are loaded with vitamin B17, E and minerals like magnesium, iron, zinc and monounsaturated fat.

Whole grains

Whether it is wheat, maize, lentils, rajma or brown rice, it is good for your heart. 

This is because fiber and vitamins are found in it. 

It also contains antioxidants, iron, magnesium and vitamin E. Eating it daily reduces blood pressure.

soy protein

Eating curd made from soy milk is more beneficial. 

If you are fond of eating meat, then instead of eating it, eat a diet made of soy. 

Because meat contains a high amount of fat, which can increase bad cholesterol.

olive oil

Olive oil is very good for the heart. Eating it daily reduces bad cholesterol. 

Monosaturated fat is found in it, which is considered good for the heart. 

Therefore, make sure to use this oil in your diet.


Studies show that garlic helps prevent heart disease. 

Along with making food tasty, it affects blood pressure, platelet aggregation, serum triglyceride level, and cholesterol level. 

All of them contribute to keeping the heart healthy.

don’t eat this

processed meat

Processed meat contains thousands of ingredients that are used to make meat fresh. 

It passes through salting, smoking, dyeing and canning, which are very harmful for our heart.

butter and cheese

Eating butter leads to an increase in cholesterol levels which poses a risk to heart health. 

Cheese contains a high amount of saturated fat, which is dangerous for the heart.

soy sauce

Soy sauce contains a lot of salt and sodium which can lead to heart problems.

tomato ketchup

Artificial flavors and preservatives are added to ketchup, which are not only tasty, but they also increase calories, cholesterol and fat, which increases the risk of heart disease even more.

don’t eat deep fried food

They are quite unhealthy. 

A lot of carcinogen is found in fried food which causes heart disease and increases cholesterol, cancer and obesity.

soft drink

It contains artificial sweeteners, which increase the risk of diabetes and increase the risk for the heart.

Sugary items:

Candies, cakes or other artificial sweeteners are very unhealthy for the heart.

Heart Attack: The Body Gives This Signal A Month Before The Heart Attack

We live in a world where many types of diseases are present. 

Many times we do not even know which disease we have got until we start seeing its symptoms. 

The best way to fight any disease is not to let it happen. 

Some diseases are hereditary and are not easily controlled. 

But there are some diseases about which we can be detected and for this we need to be a little aware.

Your body constantly gives you signals before a heart attack. 

You have to understand him. 

If you don’t understand or ignore him then you are taking a risk.

According to the report, more than 90 million Americans suffer from some form of heart disease. 

If your heart is not working properly then other organs will start getting disturbed.

Your body gives you many signals a month before a heart attack. 

Pay attention to those signs and don’t ignore them.

Chest pressure

You will feel pressure on your chest at times, also known as angina. 

When your heart doesn’t get enough oxygenated blood, chest pain can occur. 

Many people consider it a cause of indigestion, but if this pressure remains constant then you can have a heart attack.

Dizziness and cold sweats

Due to the lack of proper blood flow, the right amount of blood does not reach the brain and due to this you may feel dizzy. 

If you are experiencing cold sweats, see a doctor as soon as possible.

Feeling Weak

If you feel weak, have jaw pain, sweat profusely, or feel nauseous, you may be having a heart attack. 

This is a sign that your arteries are narrowing and blood is not reaching the whole body properly.

breathing problem

Apart from the heart, the second organ most affected due to lack of blood flow is the lungs. 

Lack of blood in the lungs can make it difficult for you to breathe. 

If you don’t breathe properly, less oxygen reaches your brain. 

This can also cause difficulty in breathing.

Excess tiredness

If you feel tired all the time for no reason, then the blood flow to your heart may be decreasing. 

This also happens due to the formation of plaque in the arteries.

Egg Nutritional Facts: Boiled Egg Eating One A Day Will Never Cause Heart Attack

If you want a healthy heart and want to stay away from heart attack, then start eating one egg daily. 

A recent research has revealed that eating at least 12 eggs a week reduces the risk of heart disease in patients with pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes.

Research has also said that eating one egg daily reduces the risk of heart disease by 12 percent. 

Researchers conducted 9 years of research on about one million Chinese people aged 30 to 79 years, in which it was found that people who ate one egg daily were found to be less prone to heart disease compared to those who did not eat eggs every day.

Beneficial for the mind and eyes

Eggs contain protein and 9 other amino acids, as well as a nutrient called lutein, which also keeps your brain healthy. 

Most doctors recommend including eggs in your diet because eggs are rich in nutrients. 

They contain nutrients like lutein and zeaxanthin, in addition to vitamins A, D, B and B12. These elements are very beneficial for the eyes. 

One or two eggs can be eaten in a day. 

Let us know that apart from this research, what can be the other benefits of eating eggs daily.

Helpful in weight loss and gain

If you want to lose weight, then eat only the white part of the egg because the cholesterol in the yellow part is very high. 

Eggs are specially included in the diet of people who go to the gym. 

But they are advised to eat only the white part. 

Children who are underweight are advised to eat one egg daily. 

At the same time, people who want to gain weight, they should eat the yellow part of the egg especially.

beneficial for bones

Eggs are rich in vitamin D and protein. 

People who have pain in their hands, feet and other parts of the body. 

They should eat at least one egg daily. 

Eating eggs reduces pain as well as strengthens bones.

increase eyesight

Carotenoids are found in abundance in eggs, which are very important for eye health. 

Carotenoids strengthen the muscles of the eyes. 

Eating one egg daily does not reduce the risk of cataract. 

The antioxidants present in it work to strengthen the retina.

of hair and skin

The egg yolk contains biotin which strengthens the hair and tightens the skin. 

By applying the yellow part of the egg in the hair, the hair becomes soft and soft. 

You can reduce skin wrinkles by using egg yolk as a face pack or mask.

full of energy

Your body gets plenty of energy by eating eggs. 

Eating eggs for breakfast will keep you energetic throughout the day. Apart from this, it also increases your efficiency.

removes iron deficiency

If there is a deficiency of iron in your body, then eat the yellow part of the egg daily. 

It contains the most iron. Iron deficiency will be removed by eating it for a few days.

Heart Attack: Eating This Food Twice A Week Will Reduce The Risk Of Heart Attack

Many times there are reports that people lose their lives in minutes due to some disease, but do you understand from this how precious human life is.

Those who are healthy today may also have some serious disease tomorrow. 

Now people have started getting many life-threatening diseases which become a threat to their lives.

Every person should take the responsibility of his life himself and take care of his own health so that his body can remain healthy.

For example, there is a disease of blood cancer, which can happen to anyone at any time. 

It can occupy your body even in a healthy lifestyle.

At the same time, heart disease and obesity can be avoided by a healthy diet and regular exercise.

There are some natural foods that can save you from the dangers like heart attack, but you have to consume it regularly. 

This particular food also reduces the risk of heart attack. 

So let’s know how it can keep your heart healthy.

what is heart attack

As we all know that there are many organs in the human body which work in different ways. 

Its main organs are lungs, heart, brain, kidney and liver. 

These are included in the most important organs of the body. 

If there is a slight damage to these major organs due to some disease or injury, then the chances of serious illness or even death increase.

The function of the heart is to remove carbon dioxide from the blood and carry oxygen throughout the body. 

In the event of a heart attack, the heart suddenly stops delivering oxygen to the blood. 

This happens due to any heart disease, blood clot, stress, high blood pressure, high cholesterol etc.

When the heart stops supplying blood to the whole body, there is a risk of fainting, stroke and even death due to this, so heart attack is considered very dangerous which can kill a person within minutes.

According to statistics, more than 1 million people in India suffer heart attack every year.

The risk of heart attack can be reduced by making some lifestyle changes such as eating a healthy diet, reducing stress, and getting treatment for heart disease.

Did you know that eating fish twice a week can reduce the risk of heart attack?

How can fish reduce the risk of heart attack? 

In a recent study, experts have told that eating fish twice a week reduces the risk of heart attack.

According to this research from Harvard Medical School, adding fish to the diet at least twice a week can improve heart health and reduce the risk of heart attack.

Fish contains omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin A. 

These nutrients prevent blood clots from forming in the intestines and promote blood flow from the heart.

Omega 3 fatty acids present in fish also balance high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. 

Therefore, eating fish twice a week can reduce the risk of heart attack.

If you eat fish but have lifestyle habits like eating wrong, not exercising, drinking alcohol etc., then eating fish alone will not prevent you from heart attack.

If you are a vegetarian or vegan and cannot eat fish, then you should take fish oil capsules on the advice of a doctor

Heart Attacks: Heart Attack Is More Dangerous During The Day Than At Night

Anyone can have a heart attack at any time of the day. 

It is a serious health problem that can even lead to the death of a person. 

A recent study has shown that heart attacks may be more severe during the day. 

The study further says that heart attacks are more dangerous in the morning than at night.

The study is published in the journal Trends in Immunology. 

During this study, the relationship between the body’s natural rhythm and immune response was analyzed. 

The findings were different in the night and evening hours as the body reacts differently in both the times. 

It completely depends on light, hormones, metabolism and other physiological processes. 

This study was done on rats. 

The white blood cells of humans and mice show similar rhythmic patterns with respect to the circadian.

After the end of the research, the study came to the conclusion that heart attack occurs more during the day than at night and it is in severe form.

Heart attack symptoms can be controlled with some simple lifestyle changes. 

Keep in mind that a healthy heart reduces the risk of heart attack. 

Every person must follow these small tips so that the heart remains healthy. 

Along with this, you should be aware of the symptoms related to a heart attack so that you can deal with its symptoms at its first stage itself.

The following are ways to reduce the risk of heart attack:

  • Do exercise daily for at least 20 minutes.
  • Eat a diet keeping heart health in mind.
  • Balance stress with the help of yoga and meditation.
  • Don’t drink alcohol and smoke.
  • Keep checking BP regularly.
  • Keep cholesterol level balanced.

Nternational Dog Day: There Are Many Benefits Of Keeping A Dog, Keep It Away From Heart Diseases

If you have a dog as a pet, then this is like some good news, because a study has revealed that due to the dog helps in keeping the heart healthy. 

Although many types of research are being done on pet dogs every day, but recently a research done in America has revealed that it is very healthy to have a dog as a pet. 

Scientists claim that dog keeping is very beneficial not only for heart patients but also for diabetics.

Researchers believe that if you own a dog in diabetes, then adopt an active lifestyle with it. 

It helps you to walk and run fast. Scientists also believe that owning a dog also means being active.

During the research, all of them were given markings on points of body mass index, diet, physical activity, smoking status, blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol. 

The researchers then compared the cardiovascular health of the pet owners in the study to those who did not have pets.

beneficial to the heart

During this it was revealed that people who had pets had better heart health than those who did not have any. 

Especially those people who had a dog as a stomach, their heart was found to be more healthy. 

The reason behind this is believed to be that dogs are more physically active than other pets, so that their owners also remain active, this helps in maintaining their heart health.

reduce mental stress

reduce mental stress

According to the study, due to the dog, the problem of reducing mental stress and mixing in the society is also removed. 

These factors also affect heart health. 

Positive change in these has proved to be very good for the heart.

Know What Is Silent Heart Attack, How It Is Dangerous!

In a silent heart attack, many times it is not understood that it is a heart attack. 

Many times it does not even show symptoms and suddenly the person becomes restless with pain. 

You will be surprised to know that silent attacks are more dangerous. 

That is why it is very important to know about all the symptoms of an attack. 

Many times, we either ignore the pain or discomfort in the chest or consider it as the cause of some other problem. 

This neglect itself sometimes proves fatal. 

That is why it is important to know the causes of the attack, the symptoms and the way to avoid it.

Silent heart attack also gives signs, it is important to recognize

Oxygen goes to every corner of the body through blood, but the heart does the work of delivering it. 

But sometimes fat in the form of cholesterol starts accumulating in the arteries of the heart in such a way that blood circulation stops. 

This causes the heart to either pump at twice the speed or put so much pressure on the heart that it fails. If the situation is not normal in a few seconds, the person dies.

Why doesn’t oxygen reach the heart?

When cholesterol starts increasing in the body, the blood also starts thickening. 

Due to this, the blood circulation in the arteries is not able to be done properly. 

Due to the accumulation of plaque in the arteries, they start getting blocked. Due to this the flow of blood is not correct. 

However, the body is showing signs of increasing cholesterol. 

When you feel chest pain, restlessness or a sudden rapid heartbeat, then understand that there is something wrong with the body. 

Because these problems have a direct effect on the heart itself.

Why is the pain of heart attack not known?

Sometimes a person is unable to identify pain due to a problem in the nerves or spinal cord that senses pain to the brain or due to psychological reasons. Apart from this, due to autonomic neuropathy in the elderly or diabetic patients, there is no feeling of pain.

5 symptoms of silent heart attack

1. Gastric problem, stomach upset

2. Unexplained lethargy and weakness

3. Feeling tired with little effort

4. Sudden cold sweats

5. Frequent breathlessness

5 causes of silent heart attack

1. Highly Oily, Fatty and Processed Foods

2. Not doing physical activity

3. Drinking alcohol and cigarettes

4. Diabetes and Obesity

5. Stress and Tension

5 ways to prevent silent heart attack

1. Include salad, vegetables, more in the diet.

2. Do regular walk, exercise, yoga.

3. Stay away from intoxicants like cigarettes, alcohol.

4. Be happy. Avoid stress and tension.

5. Get regular medical check-ups done.