Mole: What Causes Moles To Suddenly Appear, Is It Bad To Have Lots Of Moles?

Small black or brown colored raised moles are definitely visible in some part of the body. 

These marks are called mole, wart or mole in English. 

These small moles seen in any corner of the cheek or near the lips enhance your beauty. 

At the same time, big black warts also stain your beauty.

In Hindu culture, many different meanings of sesame have been given. 

It is said that wealth from someone, marriage to someone, children from someone and happiness and prosperity from someone. 

But according to health science, sesame is made up of the pigment melanin, which is responsible for different colors of the body. 

Let us know about the facts related to the moles seen in the body.

due to the pigment melanin

Melanin is a type of pigment that is made up of many cells in the body. 

These are called melanocytes, which are responsible for the color and complexion of the body. Melanocytes form moles when exposed to sunlight. 

Apart from this, due to changes in hormones during pregnancy, diabetes, genes etc. can also be the reasons for its formation. 

It can be one or many at the same place.

Dangerous of hair fall in mole

There is no problem when the mole comes out. Yes, but sometimes it looks bad. 

At the same time, sesame also enhances the beauty of some people. 

And there are hairs in it. Some people say that the hair on the mole can also cause cancer, but this has not been proved by medical science. They can be easily removed by waxing, plucking and threading.

when do moles come out

Moles can come out in the body at any time. 

Even at birth and after 20 to 30 years of age. 

But the good thing is that they come out and keep on ending. 

Sometimes their dark color light also starts happening. Moles also start disappearing with the passage of time and ageing.

cause of cancer

Excess mole in the body can also cause cancer. These moles can also be dangerous for the body. 

These are called melanomas. This is a type of skin cancer. 

By the way, it has been proved in research that very few sesame seeds cause cancer. 

In about 3164 cases, only one such case comes to the fore. 

The problem occurs when there are more than 50 moles on the body. Then the chances of cancer are very high.

Behind the Mole

There are different and strange beliefs about sesame in many countries. 

Talking about some European countries, having a mole there means being of the category of a demon or demon. 

It is also considered a beauty secret in many places. 

There are many beliefs related to sesame in Indian and Chinese culture. 

According to the color, size and location of sesame, many beliefs are prevalent. 

It is said that if someone has a mole in his neck, then he is covered with gold for the rest of his life. 

Many similar things like having a mole on the left side of the back indicates a fighter, a mole inside the fist indicates money and a mole on the palate of the feet indicates wandering

Lactophilia: What Is Lactophilia, In Which Men Have Excitement About Breast Milk

Erotic lactation means consuming breast milk during sex- This is a condition that very few people know about. 

But it has been proved in many surveys that men have excitement about breastmilk during sex. 

Let us know what is erotic lactation and after all why some men are fetish about breast milk, know here.

The survey has revealed

In 2005, a survey conducted in a magazine in London revealed that about 33 percent of men had breastfed from their partner’s breast. 

Breast is seen as the most important sexual organ, so adult breastfeeding is not very surprising, so adult nursing relationships have increased in recent times.

milk fetishism

Men who have a fetish ie sexual arousal about breast milk is called lactophilia or milk fetishism. 

Both are medical terms and a type of paraphilia. 

Problems related to abnormal or extreme desires related to sex are called paraphilias. 

The breast is the most sexual zone for both men and women.

Milk can come out even without pregnancy

Very few people would know that pregnancy is not necessary for breast milk production. 

Once the nipples are stimulated, unintended milk flow may begin. 

If the breast and nipples are stimulated and sucked in a special way, then milk can come out of the breast..

What does research say

Magnus Inquist of the Journal of Sexual Medicine did a research in which information was collected on the behavior and likes and dislikes of people who are fetish about breast milk. 

Of the participants in the research, 71 percent said that they felt an arousal towards both lactation and pregnancy. 

At the same time, about 11 percent of the people said that they feel an arousal only due to breastfeeding.

Beneficial Clove: How To Use Clove For Constipation – Clove Is Beneficial For The Stomach

A simple clove kept in the kitchen is healthy for all of us. 

This is the reason why cloves have been extensively used in Ayurveda too. 

In fact, many such nutrients are found in cloves, which are better for the digestive system, such as antioxidants, vitamin C, calcium, protein, fiber, carbohydrates, etc. 

Apart from giving relief in constipation, all these nutritious elements also provide relief in vomiting, stomach irritation and gas etc. 

Let us know today how the use of cloves improves the health of the digestive system.

healthy cloves

Cloves that make up a good number of salvia also make the digestion process smooth. 

You just have to eat cloves for this. If you do not like the taste of clove, then you can eat it by adding it to your food or sweets. 

Research has revealed that clove is very good for the health of our mouth. 

This removes the dirt accumulated in the teeth, reduces inflammation of the gums and also eliminates bacteria.

clove tea

Clove improves digestion. It removes bad breath by improving the flow of blood. 

Clove tea keeps the digestive system better by eliminating harmful germs. 

To make clove tea, grind it and boil it in a cup of water, you can drink it both in the morning and evening.

clove essential oil

In case of stomach irritation or vomiting, taking three drops of clove essential oil in a glass of water provides relief. 

Clove essential oil can also be mixed with olive oil. 

Not only this, clove essential oil is also used in perfumes.

clove extract

Clove extract provides relief in digestive problems like constipation and burning sensation. 

It can also be used like clove tea. 

Instead of just adding clove powder to it, add whole whole cloves.

Other benefits of cloves

Protects against cancer.

Eliminates harmful bacteria of the stomach.

Keeps liver healthy.

Controls blood sugar.

It destroys the ulcers in the stomach.

Makes bones strong.

Corona Virus Cleaning Kitchen Tips: How To Clean Your House To Avoid Coronavirus?

In view of the increase in the cases of corona virus day by day, instructions have been given to keep all schools, colleges, offices, malls, markets etc. 

To avoid corona, people have been instructed to stay at home most of the time. 

People are putting on face masks for protection and using sanitizer or soap to keep their hands clean.

You have to understand that the danger of corona virus is as much outside the house as it is inside. 

To avoid this virus, you need to pay special attention to the cleanliness of the house. 

Today let’s know how you can clean the house to reduce the risk of corona virus.

Keeping the house dirty increases the risk of germs

In view of the ongoing situation in the country, people are spending most of their time indoors. 

In such a situation, if the house is not kept clean, then germs can get a place to grow. 

Continue with the way you clean every day. 

If someone’s health is bad in the house, then you need to pay a little more attention to it.

What can spread the infection more?

If there is a sick person in the house who is troubled by the problem of coughing and sneezing or if there is an infected person, then everything that he touches will become contaminated. 

If he does not cover his mouth while coughing and sneezing, then the chances of spreading the infection doubles. 

In such a situation, pay a little extra attention to the cleanliness of the house television, remote, kitchen platform, cupboard, fridge, all door handles, taps, switch boards, phones, sheets, pillow covers etc.

clean like this

If you want to keep your home safe from corona virus infection, then take normal household phenyl and liquid bleach (sodium hypochlorite) for this. 

You take a little bleach to make its solution and keep the rest of the amount of water in it. 

After this wait for two to four minutes so that the effect of this solution does not affect your eyes. 

Now put on the gloves. 

Moisten the surface you want to clean by pouring this solution on it. After waiting for about 15 minutes, wipe the surface with the help of a clean cloth.

These tips will come in handy

You can use hot water to clean utensils in the kitchen. It is easier to kill germs with hot water. You keep the kitchen clean too.

Wash your kitchen and cleaning clothes in hot water. Use only after they are completely dry.

If a person is sick in the house, wash his clothes separately. After washing those clothes, you can remove them with Dettol water and dry them.

Your own safety is also important

Cover your mouth, hands and head before starting the cleanliness drive in the house. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth during cleaning. 

Use a towel, cloth or disposable cloth for cleaning. After the work is over, wash them thoroughly and dry them. 

You can use warm water with washing powder to clean them. Finally, wash your hands thoroughly with soap for about thirty seconds.

What Is Hiccups: Why Hiccups Come, Know The Reason And Ways To Stop It

Often when hiccups come, many of us feel that someone is missing us from the heart, but as the hiccups start increasing, we feel irritable. 

Well, it is normal to have hiccups. Usually, the hiccups stop on their own for some time. 

But sometimes hiccups bother for a long time. 

Let us know the causes of hiccups and home remedies to get relief from them and what to do if they do not get relief from it?

What is hiccups?

A muscle called the diaphragm separates the heart and lungs from the abdomen. 

It also plays an important role in breathing. When there is a contraction in it, then space is made for air in our lungs. 

When the contraction of the diaphragm muscle suddenly starts happening again and again, then we start getting hiccups. 

The sound of hiccups is caused by the rapid closing of the glottis (the opening between the vocal cords, called the larynx).

Why does hiccups come?

While there is no one main reason for hiccups, some common causes are:

Overeating, eating too spicy or spicy food, or eating in a hurry.

Smoking, drinking alcohol or aerated drinks.

Sometimes hiccups also occur due to stress, nervousness, over-excitement etc.

A sudden change in air temperature can trigger an attack of hiccups.

hiccups due to fast food

Eating fast without chewing causes hiccups. 

Eating spicy food also causes hiccups, so chew the food slowly and eat it. 

By chewing it well, there will be no hiccups and digestion will also be right.

Eating sugar will stop hiccups

As soon as the hiccups come, eat a spoonful of sugar. 

Eating sugar will stop hiccups. 

If there is severe hiccups, then mix sugar and salt in water and drink it. After sometime the hiccups will stop.

Lemon and honey

Lemon and honey are also effective in stopping hiccups. 

Extract a spoonful of lemon juice and add honey to it and then drink it. This will stop the hiccups.

hold your breath

According to medical science, hiccups occur when the diaphragm contracts. 

In such a situation, whenever there is hiccups, hold your breath. 

By doing this, carbon dioxide will be filled in the lungs and the diaphragm will work to remove it. 

As soon as the diaphragm becomes active, the hiccups will stop.