Phantom Pregnancy: Only These Symptoms Are Visible,Pregnancy Is Not Pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant, the signals coming in her body indicate this to her. 

Symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, swollen breasts, etc., are associated with pregnancy. 

When a woman sees these symptoms, she thinks that she is pregnant. 

However, in some rare cases this does not happen. 

This is also called phantom pregnancy or false pregnancy. 

Whereas in the clinical term it is called pseudocyesis. 

This is an unusual situation in which

A woman is led to believe that she is pregnant. 

She even sees many of the classic pregnancy symptoms. 

It doesn’t really have to be an abortion. 

Rather the woman does not have any conception nor does any embryo develop in her womb. 

Despite this, based on the changes and symptoms in the woman’s body, not only the woman, but also the people around her have to believe that she is expected. 

So, today we are telling you about the causes, symptoms and treatment of phantom pregnancy.

Know the reason

There is still no clear answer as to why some women experience pseudocystis or phantom pregnancy. 

But it has three main principles. 

Some mental health experts believe that it may be related to a strong desire or fear of getting pregnant. 

It is possible that it affects a woman’s endocrine system, causing her to experience pregnancy symptoms.

There is another theory as well. Some mental health experts believe that when a woman longs to get pregnant for a long time, she may experience multiple miscarriages or infertility. 

In such a situation, she may misinterpret some changes in her body as a false sign that she is pregnant.

The third theory is related to certain chemical changes in the nervous system that are related to depressive disorders. 

It is possible that these chemical changes are responsible for the symptoms of phantom pregnancy.

These are symptoms

When it comes to the symptoms of pseudocyesis or phantom pregnancy, it is often associated with pregnancy in all respects, although it does not include the presence of a child in the woman’s womb. 

In all cases, the woman is absolutely certain that she is pregnant. 

Physical symptoms include abdominal changes. 

In phantom pregnancy, a woman’s abdomen may begin to expand in the same way as it does during pregnancy when a developing baby grows. 

However, during a false pregnancy, this abdominal enlargement is not a result of a baby being born or developing. Instead, it is thought to be due to the buildup of gas, fat and urine. 

At the same time, irregularity of a woman’s menstrual cycle is the second most common physical symptom. 

Not only this, Some women even felt the movement of the baby in a phantom pregnancy and even a kick of the baby. 

Even though no child was present in her womb. 

Other symptoms include morning sickness, vomiting, tenderness in the breasts, changes in breasts, lactation, weight gain, feeling of labor, increased appetite, enlargement of uterus, softening of cervix, etc.

The special thing about the symptoms seen in phantom pregnancy is that these symptoms can be so reliable that even doctors can be deceived and they also think that the woman is pregnant.

can be treated like this

If a woman experiences a phantom pregnancy or pseudocyesis, the best way to bring her out of this stage is to show her evidence that she is not pregnant. 

For this actually imaging techniques like ultrasound etc. can be resorted to. 

Since the condition of pseudocyesis or phantom pregnancy is not due to any physical or physiological causes, no medicine can be consumed to treat this problem. 

However, if a woman is experiencing symptoms like irregularity in menstruation, then her problem can be treated through medicines. 

At the same time, sometimes women also experience phantom pregnancy due to psychological instability. 

In this case, she can take the advice of a psychiatrist for treatment.

Epidural Pregnancy: How Different Is Epidural Birth From Normal Delivery, Know Its Benefits And Dangers

Becoming a mother and giving birth to a new life is one of the most beautiful feeling of life for every woman but some women get scared at the thought of unbearable pain during childbirth.

To avoid the unbearable pain during labor, many women resort to epidural (pain reliever), so that they can deliver comfortably without any pain during labor. 

At the same time, some women choose the option of natural birth due to the concern of the side effects of medicines.

Which mode of delivery is right for you and your baby. 

To determine this, you must consult your doctor on this subject. 

Today we will discuss some important points of this topic in this article.

what is epidural

Epidural is a type of anesthesia, which is used to reduce the intense pain during labor. 

It is injected into the woman’s spine with the help of injection and her body part becomes numb. 

It affects the lower part of the body such as the abdomen, pelvic area and legs.

When to use an epidural?

The epidural only affects a specific area. such as the lower part of the body. 

Sometimes women voluntarily choose this option. 

On the other hand, if there is a possibility of any kind of complication during delivery such as a cesarean delivery (C-section), then it can be used as an anesthesia at that time as a medical necessity.

its advantages

The biggest advantage of an epidural is a painless delivery. 

Even after its use, women feel contractions, but due to this the pain is reduced to a great extent. 

During vaginal delivery, women are fully conscious while giving birth to the baby. 

Apart from this, she can also move comfortably during this time.

its dangers and side effects

Although epidurals are safe, there are very few cases where there are any side effects associated with it. 

Although some possible side effects can be seen after epidural, let us know about some of the side effects associated with it

drop in blood pressure

It can also cause a drop in blood pressure, which can cause the baby’s heart rate to drop slightly. 

To avoid this problem, extra fluids are given through tubes from the arms and asked to sleep on one side. 

Apart from this, the anesthesiologist may also give you some medicine to keep your blood pressure balanced.

back pain

Due to the epidural, you may complain of pain in the lower part of the back where the injection needle was inserted. 

You may complain of continuous pain for a few days. 

But till now there is no concrete evidence that you can complain of permanent back pain because of this.

urinary complaints

Some women may have difficulty urinating after an epidural is used.


In very rare cases, you may have a headache after using an epidural. 

Because due to injection in the spinal cord, sometimes the injection goes too deep, due to which this problem occurs. 

As soon as you start having a headache problem, immediately tell it to the doctor and get it treated because if it is not treated then this problem can happen to you later.

what is normal delivery

The term ‘natural birth’ or ‘normal’ is usually used for vaginal delivery without medication and surgery. 

Apart from this, this word is also taken to differentiate between vaginal delivery and caesarean.

benefits of normal delivery

Vaginal delivery without any medicine and surgery is called normal delivery. 

This type of delivery is beneficial for mother and baby. Where women take months to fully recover after a C-section. 

At the same time, within a short time of normal delivery, women can get up and walk comfortably.


Although there are many benefits of normal delivery, but many types of risks are also associated with it-

– aggravation of severe pain

– hemorrhoid

– intestinal problems

– Cracking of the perineum (the area behind the wall of the vagina)

– incontinence urine

– psychological trauma

Safe Yoga For Pregnant Women: Do This Yoga During Pregnancy, Take Care Of Yourself And The Child To Be Born

Being a mother is like a dream come true for a woman. 

Generally, during pregnancy, women are extra conscious about their health. 

For a healthy pregnancy, women pay attention to many activities from their diet to exercise. 

Doing yoga during pregnancy is considered very beneficial for the woman. 

This not only gives them relief from health problems during pregnancy, Along with this, there is also benefit in labor pain etc. 

However, a pregnant woman needs to be extra careful while doing any yoga asana. 

There are only a few asanas that are considered safe during pregnancy. 

Also, you should avoid making any mistake while doing them. 

So today, the founder of Women’s Health Research Foundation and yoga guru Neha Vashisht Karki is telling you which yogasanas should be done by women during pregnancy. 

Yoga guru Neha Karki has also written a book called Yoga for Pregnancy, which is available in Hindi and English.


If we talk about safe yogasanas to be done in pregnancy, then the first name of Tadasana is taken in it. 

If a pregnant woman practices it in the morning, then there is no feeling of tiredness or lethargy in the body. 

Apart from this, it also provides relief in morning sickness, nausea and vomiting etc. 

In the first trimester, do this asana with your feet together. 

In the second trimester, make a little gap in the legs and in the third trimester, this asana should be practiced only by keeping the gap as much as the waist.


It twists the spine properly, which gives you relief from complaints of back pain in pregnancy. 

This yogasana can be done very easily for the entire nine months of pregnancy.

will seat

Marjari asana posture is considered very good for the waist. 

Strengthens the muscles of hands and feet. Along with this, it also does body tightening and toning. 

This can also be done throughout the nine months of pregnancy. 

But if someone has frequent miscarriages or has an IVF baby, then this asana should be practiced only after seeing the first ultrasound, that is, after 20 weeks.

Also, in the second and third trimester, put a towel or towel under both the feet in the second and third trimester.

Practice this asana only with a cushion. 

At the same time, while inhaling, bring the face up and while exhaling, bring the face down.


Trikonasana can also be done throughout pregnancy, but its practice should also be started only after the first ultrasound. 

In this, there is a parallel gap between the legs. 

But in this you should keep in mind that the heels of both the straight and the opposite leg should not be facing each other, but should be forward and backward. 

There is less chance of falling. 

Apart from this, during the second and third trimester, you should practice it against the support of the wall. 

This asana is very good for the waist and hands. 

Along with this, it also removes the digestive problems of the woman during pregnancy.


While doing this asana, you should keep in mind that during the third trimester, you should not sit straight on the ground and practice it only by placing a cushion below. 

If not, the woman may complain of back pain. 

It strengthens the muscles and bones of the pelvic region. Also helps women in normal delivery. 

It removes the complaints of Vaginal related problems and UTI.


You can do this from the second trimester and in the third trimester you can practice it by holding the cupboard, bed or anything else. 

It strengthens the muscles of your feet. 

This not only increases your chances of a normal delivery, but also does not have any post-delivery problems like piles etc. 

This asana strengthens the reproductive system of women.

Note- Since the pregnancy complication of every woman is different, so before practicing any asana, please consult your gynecologist and practice them only under the supervision of a yoga guru.

Non Veg Foods During Pregnancy: You Can Eat These Non Veg Food Even During Pregnancy, Know

Some women believe that consuming non-vegetarian food during pregnancy is not good for the pregnant woman and fetus. 

However, doctors and health experts strongly refute this claim. 

According to him, consuming non-vegetarian food is not harmful at all during pregnancy.

Is non-veg food safe during pregnancy?

The main reason behind not eating non-veg food during pregnancy is that most of the non-veg foods contain a lot of potassium and cholesterol, which leads to weight gain. 

Apart from this, the oil used for cooking non-veg is also not considered suitable for pregnant women to eat every day.

When you are pregnant, there is no need to stop your non-veg food. 

Doctors say that as long as you do not have any allergy to these foods, then you should continue to consume chicken, fish, eggs etc. 

Consuming a limited amount of non-veg food every day can contribute to the healthy development of the fetus by providing essential fatty acids to the mother’s body. 

However, excessive consumption of these non-vegetarian foods during pregnancy is not suitable for the growing foetus as it can lead to many health problems especially digestion related problems like diarrhoea, constipation and bloating etc.

Here we are telling you about some such non-veg foods, which you can eat very easily even during pregnancy. 

However, you should also keep an eye on their quantity while consuming them.

safe non veg food during pregnancy

The non-veg food given below is listed on the basis of the opinion of pregnant women and the study done. 

Since the cravings of every pregnant woman are not the same, you can choose any one of the non-veg food given in the list based on your craving.


During pregnancy, chicken is one of the safest non-veg food items that you can consume. 

However, while consuming them, make sure that you do not eat food items like very spicy chicken, as it can lead to stomach upset. 

Instead, mild spicy chicken dishes like malai chicken are a safe option for pregnant women.


Lamb is a soft non-veg food that you can consume during pregnancy. 

It is also rich in proteins and vitamins. 

Studies suggest that pregnant women should consume mutton instead of any other non-veg food during pregnancy.


Red meat should be consumed in moderation as it is high in cholesterol levels which can lead to excess weight gain during pregnancy. 

In such a situation, pregnant women can make roast beef dishes which are less spicy and cooked well.


Tuna sandwiches are one of the most sought after pregnant women during pregnancy. 

However, you should consume tuna sandwiches in limited quantities. 

It is a high source of omega-6 fatty acids, so their intake should be limited during pregnancy.

Boiled or scrambled bundles

Egg whites are rich in calcium and hence helps in the development of the foetus. 

For the health of both the fetus and the mother, pregnant women can consume egg white in breakfast.

non veg soup

According to studies, soup is the best non-veg food during pregnancy. 

Soups are always a healthy addition to a pregnancy diet. 

They are a storehouse of antioxidants and are easy to digest.

Avoid these non-veg foods during pregnancy

If you are eating non-veg foods during pregnancy, all you have to do is to take them in moderation to avoid unhealthy weight gain, high cholesterol levels and the risk of heart diseases. 

Apart from this, there are some non-veg foods, which will be safer for you to avoid-

Deli-meats or pre-cooked meats, which can pose a risk of Listeria infection.

Raw eggs can transfer salmonella bacteria.

Fish that contain high levels of mercury, such as tuna, sea bass, mackerel, etc.

Raw shellfish (sushi) are prone to algae-related infections.

Therefore, as far as possible, avoid eating such non-veg food during pregnancy.

Biological Child: Learn How Two Men Can Have Children, Can Gay Couples Be Parents?

With the advancement of medical science, in the coming days, a gay couple i.e. two men can give birth to a child. 

With the help of new technology, gay couples or lesbian couples can become parents. 

According to research, in the new technique of reproduction, a child can be produced by using the sperm of two fathers or the eggs of two mothers. 

With the help of this technique, gay couples will be able to enjoy the happiness of their parents. 

This technique will prove beneficial not only for the same sex but also for most.

Parents will become gay couple with IVG technology

IVG technology has been very successful on rats and research says that this technique will one day be successful on humans too. 

So far this technology has no effect on humans, but there will come a time when this technology will prove to be effective for humans. 

In IVG (in vitro gametogenesis), the sperm of males and eggs of females will be generated from stem cells.

how two men will become parents

Till now gay couple can become parents through egg donation and surrogacy. 

Through egg donation, in a gay couple, only one partner has a biological child, the other partner does not have any role in this. 

The role of both the couples is possible through this technique. 

In the IVG technique, the same sex couple can be bypassed by donors. 

Let us know how- for example individual cells can be generated from sperm or eggs of opposite sexes. 

Through this combination, the sex cell will be generated from another member, due to which the couple will be able to make embryo.

What do experts say

According to Professor Sutter of the University of Washington, through IVG technology, both gay couples and lesbian couples are more likely to have a biological child. 

In this technique, more than two people can give birth to a child simultaneously. 

In IVG technique, people can give birth to a child in a group also. 

This child will be the genetic child of all. 

The professor said that there is potential for considerable improvement in fertility through IVG. 

This technique can prove to be very beneficial. 

Many times women are unable to become a mother due to physical deficiencies, in such a situation this technique will prove to be very beneficial for them as well.

Karva Chauth Mehndi: Should A Pregnant Woman Apply Mehndi On Karva Chauth?

On the day of Karva Chauth, women get henna applied on their hands. 

On the day of Karva Chauth, women do sixteen makeup, so Mehndi is of great importance on the day of Karva Chauth. 

It is customary to apply mehndi on the hands on Karva Chauth, but whether a pregnant woman should apply mehndi or not. 

During pregnancy, there are many questions in the minds of women regarding applying henna on their hands. 

In this article, we will tell whether henna should be applied during pregnancy or not and what are the advantages and disadvantages of applying mehndi.

Can I apply henna during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, women are very confused about applying mehndi whether to apply mehndi or not. Most of the people advise pregnant women not to apply mehndi. 

Mehndi can be applied during pregnancy, but some things need to be kept in mind while applying mehndi. 

There is no harm in applying mehndi, but natural mehndi should be applied on the hands. Chemical henna should not be used. 

Do not use chemical henna during pregnancy, it can cause damage.

Why is henna not applied during pregnancy?

It is safe to apply mehndi during pregnancy, there is no harm to health by applying mehndi. 

If this is your first pregnancy, then you should keep some things in mind while applying mehndi.

Do not use chemical henna

Pregnant women should stay away from any kind of chemical for 9 months. 

Therefore, apply natural mehndi on the hands. 

Chemicals are used in the Mehndi cones available in the market. 

Applying chemical henna can cause damage. You can apply henna on your hands using henna powder at home.

Know In Which 4 Days You Can Be Pregnant: How to get pregnant faster

Becoming a mother is a special moment in the life of any woman. In order to become a mother, women have to do many things. 

Women are very worried about conceiving. What is the right day to conceive a normal pregnancy? Let us tell you that conceiving a normal pregnancy is dependent on the ovulation of any woman. 

Every woman’s ovulation is different. Ovulation depends on the periods. Let us know the exact day and date of your conceiving.

pregnancy is conceive in 4 days

Every woman has 4 to 5 days in her period cycle, in which the chances of conceiving pregnancy are very high. 

But the couple does not have the correct information about ovulation, due to which the baby is not able to conceive. 

Explain that the ovulation of a woman lasts between 12 and 24 hours. Whereas the sperm of the male lives for 3 to 5 days. 

In such a situation, if a woman knows her ovulation time, then she can easily conceive.

perfect day to conceive

The best time to conceive is 12 to 14 days before the period. Suppose a woman’s menstrual cycle is 28 days. 

At the same time, the menstrual cycle of some women is 35 to 40 days. If your period is on 28 days then you can easily know your ovulation time. 

On August 1, the woman’s first date came. Now the next date of the woman will be on August 28. In this way, the ovulation time of the woman will be on August 14. 

August 11 to 15 is the perfect time to conceive normal. Let us tell you that this will happen when your period date is absolutely fixed. 

It is difficult to find fertile days for women whose periods are not fixed. If your periods are not on time, then you should consult a doctor to conceive.

how many days after period can conceive

Chances of conceiving are higher after 6 days of period. Suppose the last day of your period is Monday. From Tuesday to Monday, you can easily conceive.

Does Drinking Coffee Or Tea During Pregnancy Makes Baby Color Dark

The time of pregnancy is special for every woman. During pregnancy, women take more care of themselves, so that there is no harm to the unborn child. During pregnancy, the family also takes special care of the child and the mother. 

Many types of advice are given to pregnant women about what to eat and what not to eat during pregnancy. 

At the same time, there are many myths about pregnancy, some women believe in these myths, while some women do not believe in these myths. 

Let us know about some myths related to pregnancy on which one should not trust.

By drinking tea and coffee, the child’s complexion becomes black.

There are many myths about pregnancy, one of them being that drinking coffee and tea makes the baby black. 

Which is completely wrong. 

Food and drink do not affect the color of the child. 

At the same time, some people say that by consuming milk, cheese and eggs, the child will become gaura, while this is also wrong in a way. 

The child’s color goes over the parent’s color. 

Consuming too much caffeine during pregnancy is not good. 

Therefore, caffeine should be consumed at least during pregnancy.

wearing egg shells

Some women in Russia wear egg shells around their neck during pregnancy. 

They say that as long as the egg shell is correct, the child will also be healthy. 

Women in Russia wear eggshells to keep the child safe.

Kick shows baby gender

There are many myths about pregnancy. 

To know the gender of the unborn child, people find out their gender by the way the child kicks. 

If the child kicks to the left, it will be a boy and if the child kicks to the right, it will be a girl. 

There is no truth in this, it is just a kind of myth.