Romance Tips: Non-sexual Qualities That Turn On Women, Know How

All the partners think about impressing each other. 

Before coming into the relationship, you also start liking your partner because of some things and behavior. 

Not only women, men also want to attract their partner. 

Let us tell you that there are some such non-sexual things of men that turn women on. 

Here we have tried to mention those things of men that attract their female partner and turn on their mood.

trust yourself

Women like men who believe in themselves and their confidence is reflected in their words and actions. 

Women like men who take a stand for themselves. 

Women give more attention to such men.

cooking skills

In today’s time, cooking skills are not just for women. 

Now many men are also learning the virtues of cooking. 

Women like this very much. 

When women find such a partner who feeds them delicious food made by their own hands, then they cannot stop themselves from being attracted towards them. 

This quality turns them on.

fashion sense

Boys who have a good sense of fashion and style maintain a good image not only in their workplace but also in personal life. 

Women like such partners who know what kind of dressing should be done in what kind of event.

perfume or deodorant scent

It is not only in television promotions that the fragrance of men’s perfume attracts girls and women, but women like it in real life too. 

Good fragrance increases their liking towards that man and sometimes with its help, their mood also becomes very good.

respect for others

Women always like such men who know how to respect the person in front. 

This quality of men brings their female partner closer to them.

Healthy Sex Tips: These 5 Things Should Never Be Done After Sex, Know Why?

It is important to build a healthy bond with your partner. 

Along with making the relationship strong, it also makes the journey of life with the partner easier. 

Establishing an intimate relationship with the partner is also an important part of the relationship.

But do you know that even after a good orgasm in bed, you should take care of some things so that your intimate relationship remains healthy too. 

Yes, after having a physical relationship, it is very important to take care of some things so that the private parts remain healthy and clean and there is no infection.

don’t soap

Many women like to take a bath after the session. 

But during this time, do not use soap in your vaginal area by mistake. 

By doing this, the natural moisture level of your private part gets disturbed which later causes infection.

don’t wear undergarments

If you are thinking of getting a sound sleep after sex, then do not sleep wearing lingerie. 

Many benefits of sleeping without clothes at night have also been told. 

Actually, sometimes the wetness of the private part reacts with the clothes of the body, which becomes the cause of infection.

Do not use wet wipes

You may feel lethargic after sex and do not feel like getting out of bed. 

In such a situation, women clean their private parts only with wet wipes. 

You are advised to avoid this as these wet wipes contain chemicals and are not at all safe for sensitive areas like your private parts.

hot water bath

Taking a bath after having a physical relationship is a good option, but avoid using very hot water. 

This can reduce vaginal discharge and increase the risk of infection.

withholding urine

Don’t make the mistake of stopping urination after having sex. 

Especially after having sex, one should go to urinate. 

Doing this is advised because it allows bacteria and germs to come out through urine and there is no risk of UTI.

Relationship Tips: Every Woman Should Know These Some Unique Things Related To The Private Part Of Her Fellow Man

Many such articles will be found in which detailed information about women’s organs and its size is found. 

Let us tell you that the body of men is also full of mysteries. 

During a physical relationship, the partners get a chance to get to know each other closely. 

Men’s penis and testicles are no less mysterious. There are many myths related to them. 

Through this article, let us try to know about some surprising things related to the private part of men.

low temperature of the testicles

The temperature of the testicles is up to five degrees cooler than other parts of the body.

allergy to semen

You must have heard about many women being allergic to their partner’s semen, but many men can be allergic to their own semen as well. 

Yes, this is a very rare situation. 

In this, there is an allergy to the proteins present in the semen, due to which there is a problem of itching, burning and redness.

Morning erection in most men

Many men have morning erections. 

The reason behind this happening is the high level of testosterone in men in the morning. 

There is no need to worry about it. 

This is a healthy sign.

male penis shrinkage

Men who have a habit of smoking, there is a problem of shrinkage in their penis. 

Smoking affects the erection. 

Because of this men are not able to stay in bed for long.

blue balls are a problem

Blue balls are used to reduce pain in the testicles. 

This problem is seen in men when they are excited but no release is known. 

In medical term it is called Epididymal Hypertension.

Penis break

Like other parts of the body, the penis of men can also break. 

Due to this penile fracture has to be suffered.

Relationship Tips: Old-fashioned School Dating Tips You Can Follow To Impress Modern Girls

Today’s youth show a lot of haste to get into a relationship. 

But it is not necessary that everyone can get success. 

It is not easy to tell your heart to the girl of your choice. 

During dating, boys try to impress them by giving them expensive gifts. 

But it is not necessary that all girls like such gifts. 

In such a situation, this article can be useful to you. 

If you want to impress a girl and want to tell her your heart, then these old ways of expressing can be useful for you.

Try Street Food Instead of Restaurants

If you want to feel different with your date, then instead of going to any stylish and expensive restaurant, go for a street food date with them. 

Girls love little things. 

There will hardly be any girl who refuses chaat, pakodas, gol gappas, ice cream. 

You don’t go to the restaurant to show off, instead both of them head to some chatori street to have a fun time.

Hand written letters are close to the heart

There are many dating apps out there these days. 

There you will find many ways to impress your crush. 

But if you want to make them your own at heart, instead of sending them digital messages, send them your handwritten card or letter. 

Girls like this kind of effort made by their partner. 

Also they feel special.

don’t forget friends

Here we are not talking about you, but your girlfriend’s friends. 

Not only in the old times, even in today’s time, girls tell all the things to their friends and also take their decision according to their advice. 

It is important for you that you do not comment on their friends even in a joking manner. 

If you want, you can win their trust by mingling with their friends.

Heart ki baat with songs

In olden times, you would have seen hero-heroine dedicate songs to each other and there is no doubt that they love to sing or dedicate poetry like this to each other, whether boy or girl. 

If you want, you can dedicate the song of the girl’s favorite singer to her. 

If you are fond of singing, then why not send the recording of it in your voice to them.

Do not show haste for physical relationship

If you really love them and want to express this to your girlfriend, then give time for everything. 

You neither force them to have a physical relationship nor show haste in this matter. 

You take time to come close to them and when the time comes, move forward with consent.

Unmarried Girls: Matrimonial Website Offers For Marriage Of Virgins

Apart from finding a good relationship in friendship, kinship for marriage, people also take help of matrimonial websites. 

At the same time, matrimonial websites are adopting various tricks to make it a more profitable business. 

A matrimonial website made headlines when it claimed on its site that here you will find relationships of virgin boys and girls. 

Since then, such questions have also started to arise as to whether the basis of virginity still matters in a relationship whose foundation is laid on love and trust.

Copy of Mahsoor matrimonial website

This advertisement providing virgin relationships has surfaced on a website named 

Let us tell you that this is different from the famous website. 

There is a difference of only one letter ‘a’ in the names of these two. 

When people noticed this side and tried to get information about this from the site, then they put the responsibility on the marketing team and now they have removed this section from their site as well.

Why the ruckus on virginity

Generally the rule of virginity is kept for girls. 

A girl being a virgin means that she has not yet had a physical relationship. 

Her virginity is safe. Even today, many people see the virginity of the girl by associating it with her purity. 

This is also a big reason why matrimonial sites have added virginity as a category so that people come to their platform to find relationships.

customs to check virginity

There are many such areas of India where different customs have been made in the name of checking the virginity of the girl after marriage. 

For example, for the first night of the bride and groom after marriage, a white sheet is laid on their bed. 

From this the next day it can be checked whether the bride is a virgin or not. .

If there is no trace of bleeding on the sheet, then the character of the girl is doubted and sometimes the relationship reaches to the verge of breaking up.

Market running in the name of Fake Virginity

It has not been proved anywhere that the girl was not a virgin due to lack of blood during sexual intercourse. 

But so much hype has been made about it in the society that now girls are adopting various methods to prove themselves as virgins after marriage. 

Such products are being sold in the market which gives relief in the tension of proving virginity to the girl on the first night. 

For example, there is a pill available in the market that just needs to be kept in your vagina for a while before having sex and it will feel like bleeding during intercourse. 

In this way girls are giving proof of their virginity to their partner.

There are also many clinics

Many clinics have also been opened to capitalize on the pressure on girls to be virgin at the time of marriage. 

They do surgery to prepare fake hymen of girls. 

The surgery called hymenoplasty is becoming very popular among girls. 

These clinics secretly claim to solve this problem of girls.

Sonu Sood Life: Sonu Sood’s Love Life Is Also Cute And Simple

Today every child of the country knows Sonu Sood. 

In a critical situation like Corona, this actor is seen playing the role of a hero in real life.

Sonu Sood has earned his name after a hard struggle and today even after having a good status and fan following, he is helping the needy people in every possible way regardless of their concern during the Corona period. 

On the birthday of Sonu Sood, he is getting prayers from all over the country. 

Today, on this occasion, let us know a little about Sonu Sood’s personal and love life, which is acting as a support system for him.

Punjabi Munde Sonu likes Telugu family’s Sonali

Sonu Sood was born on July 30, 1973 in Moga, Punjab. 

Sonu did her engineering studies from the Yashwantrao Chavan College of Engineering (YCCE) in Nagpur and Sonali was pursuing her MBA in the same city. 

Both of them met during graduation. 

Their friendship soon completed the journey of love. 

On 25 September 1996, both of them accepted each other as companions for seven lives.

Sonali did not like Sonu’s tendency towards films

In the initial phase, Sonali did not want Sonu Sood to enter the film world. 

But he always looked at Sonu Sood’s passion with respect. 

Sonu Sood is a fan of Amitabh Bachchan. 

His personality was also similar to Amitabh, so he ventured into modeling at the beginning of his career. 

After becoming an engineer, Sonu Sood became a model and then started his acting career with the 1999 Tamil film ‘Kallazhagar’.

Sonali supported every moment

The journey of films was not easy for Sonu Sood. But during this, Sonali played him well. 

He had also seen such a situation during the conflict in Mumbai when Sonu and Sonali lived in a flat and three other people used to live with them. 

Sonali used to live happily with Sonu even in one room and she never complained.

Personal life is away from media

It is very rare to see that the personal life of a famous personality is not made public. 

But Sonu Sood’s family has always been away from the limelight. 

Actually Sonali is not much fond of appearing in front of the media. 

Sonu Sood and Sonali have two sons named Ishant and Ayaan. 

Sonu Sood and Sonali, who have co-existed so well for two decades, are no less than an inspiration for today’s couples.

Married Couple: Despite The Lack Of Physical Relationship In Lockdown The Closeness Between The Partners Increased, Know

A worldwide lockdown was imposed due to the corona virus epidemic. 

Because of this people had to remain imprisoned in their homes. 

In this period of lockdown, many surprising studies related to relationships have also come to the fore. 

A study has come to the fore in the midst of the second phase of lockdown in Britain.

According to this study, four out of five married couples admitted that their relationship has become very strong during the second phase of the lockdown. 

At the same time, there were also 10 percent of couples who believed that this time was not right for their relationship. 

It is worth noting that this study has been done by the Marriage Foundation.

people were planning for divorce

Since the lockdown, there was an increase in the figures of increasing tension among couples around the world and even making up their mind for divorce. 

Using responses from 2,559 parents who completed the Coronavirus Study, a UK household survey by the University of Essex, found that parents were considering divorce in June, a figure lower than before the lockdown. 

In fact, only 0.7 percent of fathers and 2.2 percent of mothers said they were considering leaving the relationship.

There was a surge in the problem of divorce in the lockdown

Due to the lockdown, the couples got a chance to spend more time with each other than before. 

According to Sir Paul Coleridge, founder of the Marriage Foundation, which conducted this study, Kovid-19 has increased conflict between many married couples and due to this their relationship has reached divorce. 

At the same time, he also believes that there have been many couples who have used this time to strengthen their relationship.

Couples have less desire for sex

Due to the lockdown, there has been a big change in the lifestyle of the people. 

It had a great impact on the daily routine of the people. Sleep and television affected the desire for intercourse in couples. 

According to the study, about 63 percent of the participants remained busy in mobile till late night. 

According to the conclusions drawn in the study, one in four couples in the group admitted that they were able to have sex only twice a month.

Tips For Your Marriage: The Date Of Marriage Has Arrived, In The Era Of Corona, Know How To Organize The Wedding Ceremony?

The outbreak of corona virus is being seen in the country and the world. 

Normal life was disturbed due to this virus. 

Due to the corona virus, people had to make many changes in the way of living their lives. 

Talking about India, after the lockdown opens, people are trying to get their lives back on track. 

In some states of the country, the situation is still serious, but in some places people are becoming accustomed to the new normal with following the rules.

The corona outbreak also had an effect on people’s weddings and due to this people had to postpone their marriage. 

But now the wedding season has started once again. 

If you are going to get married in the atmosphere of Corona, then it is important for you to pay attention to some things so that you can enjoy the biggest day of your life safely.

choice of place

According to which state and city you are getting married in, you have to choose the venue for your wedding along with the rules there. 

Due to the Corona outbreak, the options for the venue of the wedding will be less for you. 

Whatever place you choose for your function, take special care of cleanliness and hygiene.

number of guests

Marriage is an occasion in which distant relatives and friends are also invited. 

But if you are getting married in this era of Corona, then you will have to tweak your guest list a lot. 

Try to include only your very close people in this list. 

If you want to avoid overcrowding, you can include different people in different events. 

You also have to keep in mind that according to the guidelines related to Corona, how many people you can include in the function.

food and drink arrangement

If you are getting married in the time of Corona, then plan the food and drink of the guest very carefully. 

You should arrange it with cleanliness and entrust the responsibility of catering only to such people who take full care of cleanliness. 

If you want, you can also arrange for a box of packed food to eat.

Masks and sanitizers

The food and drink counters in your function may be less but the availability of sanitizer should be complete. 

Make sure to arrange sanitizer at the entry of the event venue. 

It is obvious that during the wedding everyone will pay attention to their dress and make-up, but it is important to ensure that people do not neglect the mask.

weddings with fewer events

Due to Corona, people are avoiding spending huge money in weddings. 

Now wedding functions are also being reduced. 

You should do the date and arrangement of the function in such a way that neither there is much rush nor do you have to come in contact with many people. 

It would be better if both the families plan together for these wedding events. 

If possible, you can do Mehndi, Haldi programs at home.

Happy Marriage Anniversary Wishes: Send These Loving Wishes To Everyone On Your Wedding Anniversary

Wedding is a very important day in the life of any person. 

Wedding anniversary brings joy and opportunity to celebrate. 

The anniversary day after marriage reminds the couple once again of the beautiful moment when they accepted each other as life partners.

Not only husband and wife, it is also a chance for family members and friends to meet. 

If you want, through these beautiful and wonderful messages, you can congratulate your loved ones on their wedding anniversary.


May God keep coming your year knot like this,

Your relationship touches the new sky of love,

May the coming life also be happy,

May happiness always reside in the house,

Every moment of sweet life, like every day is a festival.

happy anniversary.


Like flowers look most beautiful in the garden,

That’s how you both look together,

Many happy wedding anniversary wishes.


May your pair be safe;

Lots of love flows in life;

May you celebrate every day with joy;

Happy wedding anniversary to you.


Many congratulations on the wedding anniversary;

This is the earning of love and trust;

God bless you both always be happy;

Respect, respect and love prestige flow in life.

Happy Anniversary…


Very happy this Sama;

Where would it look great?

Share happiness with each other;

Wish you every color of your anniversary.


Today, on the occasion of your wedding anniversary, I pray from my heart that all your dreams come true and all your dreams remain alive.


May every moment of life give you satisfaction,

May every moment of the day give you happiness,

Where the wind of sorrow does not pass even after touching it,

God give you that life.


The journey of your early married life on this auspicious day;

May your life gardens smell of happiness with mutual love, dedication and beautiful harmony;

“Lord always keep your pair like Radha-Krishna.”


May this bond of trust remain like this,

May the ocean of love flow in your life like this,

May the Lord have a life full of happiness and prosperity,


Never leave you two together

I pray that you never get angry with each other,

Keep this relationship like this for seven births,

that happiness never leaves,

Many congratulations on the wedding anniversary


Keep the bond of love like this,

Keep your partner’s trust

Be with you for life on every step, every journey,

With this wish, happy wedding anniversary.


A very happy wedding anniversary…

May this life remain so happy and beautiful,

May the Ganges of love continue to flow in your relationships.

Happy Anniversary

Tips For Better Sexual Life: How To Improve Your Sexual Life In Winters

Along with the emotions in a relationship, it is very important to have a healthy physical relationship. 

After coming into the relationship, every person thinks about making their relationship happy and strong. In this case the sex life of the person also plays an important role.

At present, all kinds of information is available on the Internet, but along with the information, many types of confusion also spread. 

Every couple wants to improve their intimate relation but they are not fully aware about it. 

According to some people, a good sex life means how often you are physical, while some people believe that one or more orgasms indicate a healthy sex life. 

Know about different aspects and attitudes related to sex.


There is a rift in many couples about the fact that they are unable to get an orgasm. 

There is also a question in their mind that why both do not reach the climax together. 

Usually this happens with couples, so there is no need to worry too much about it. 

Significantly, women experience orgasm more than once.


Many times such advertisements are shown in sex books, blue films in which the short length of private part of men is shown as a problem. 

Such advertisements confuse the youth and by which they start adopting measures without knowing. 

Such an assumption is very wrong. 

Despite the small size of the private part of men, they are successful in getting their female partner orgasm.


Imagining while having a physical relationship can make your session fun. 

The pleasure of your session increases with the intimate imagination running in your mind. 

Keep yourself calm during private moments and just enjoy the moment.


With the passage of time, dullness comes in the relationship. 

You don’t need to worry about it. You should spend more time on foreplay. 

Cuddle each other and make each other feel special.


Generally, women are hesitant to take the initiative for sex even after spending a long time in the relationship. 

If there are children and they are small then it becomes even more difficult for them to find time for intimate moments. 

She is not able to pay attention to this by being relaxed and openly. 

In such a situation, when both of you get a chance, then focus on your romantic life.

Relationship Tips: How To Fix Your Wife’s Broken Heart – These Actions Hurt Your Marriage

Marriage is an unbreakable bond. 

It is a lifelong relationship. 

The cooperation of both husband and wife is needed to strengthen a relationship. 

But if the heart of either of the two becomes troubled by the relationship, then it can be difficult to maintain it for a long time. 

It is common to have some conflicts with love in married life. 

In the time of small disputes, the choice of words should be done very carefully.

The clashes of that time may have calmed down, but your words are always remembered. 

It is seen on many occasions that during a fight, men use some such words which hurt their wife. 

It directly affects the married life. You need to work with your mind even in times of quarrel. 

Know what are some things that can annoy your wife.

no understanding of the world

Whether women are working or taking care of the house, they are often silenced by saying that they do not understand the worldliness. 

This may sound very bad to them. 

Whatever they say, find a solution to your problem and ask for help.

question about family

Men, jokingly or sometimes in anger, say something to their wife’s maternal relatives. 

It can be unbearable for your wife to hear anything wrong for her family. 

They may not react to it at that time, but these things definitely sit in their mind.

question about their work

Any woman can find this question very bad when she is asked what do you do at home all day. Maintaining a house like a home is not an easy task. 

You must have realized this by staying at home during the time of lockdown. 

There are many small and big tasks ranging from cleaning the house, cooking, clothes etc., which takes a whole day to finish. In such a situation, if you question their efficiency, then this thing can hurt their mind.

do your own thing

A girl leaves her family and becomes part of a new family. 

Makes it her home and maintains it. 

In such a situation, if she is told that she always does her own thing, then this thing can sting her. 

She devotes all her time to you and your family members. 

Meanwhile, women sometimes forget to take care of themselves. 

Take care that you do not hurt them by saying such things unintentionally.

Indian Married Woman: If You Are Troubled By Mother-in-law’s In-laws, Then Keep Yourself Calm With The Help Of These Tips

You must have heard this that where there are four utensils there is a sound. 

It is common to have quarrels between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in the house. 

But sometimes these minor quirks start making life difficult. 

Especially it becomes a big problem for those women who get to hear the taunts of mother-in-law as well as father-in-law every day. 

Even in today’s time, there is no dearth of people who consider the daughter-in-law to come from another house and do not accept it as a part of their family. 

Instead of worrying about the differences arising with the mother-in-law, you can solve this matter by adopting some methods.

stand for yourself

There may be occasions in your life when important decisions of your life are taken by your in-laws without asking you. 

You don’t need to remain silent in such a situation. 

You put your point wisely in front of them. 

If you remain calm, then in the coming times their attitude will continue to be like this.

home talk to home

Many times people do not hold back from saying bad-mouthed to their daughter-in-law in front of others. Avoid reacting to this. 

If possible, keep some distance from friends and relatives of in-laws and keep your talk limited. 

When your mother-in-law realizes that you do not put all these things on your heart, then she can stop harassing you in this way.

There should be no rift in the relationship with the husband

Your husband may or may not be aware of your behavior. 

You can try to talk about this issue with him calmly once. But if they don’t agree with you, don’t insist. 

Don’t let this bring distance in your relationships. 

It is important that you maintain a good relationship with your husband in front of the in-laws.

Try to make the atmosphere light

In-laws can also interfere with you or your family for teasing. 

In such a situation, instead of making a face, you should answer it with a laugh. 

If you want, you can make the troubled environment fun too.

share hurtful things

It is generally seen that evil is done behind her back, not in front of the daughter-in-law. 

When these things come to know then it feels very bad. You need to talk about this. 

Let them know that you don’t like all this. 

Lack of communication leads to misunderstanding between each other. 

Don’t let that happen.

Don’t let it be obvious in front of the world

Whatever be the relationship with mother-in-law in the house, do not let it be revealed in front of the world. 

If you have to go to a party-function with the family, then do not sit with the issues of the house. 

Seeing your behavior, the in-laws may feel a little strange, but they will understand this understanding of yours.

Dilip Kumar Love Life: Coming Generation Will Also Remember The Love Story Of Dilip Kumar And Saira Banu

Love is beyond age and is always young. 

If there is a strong desire to get a partner, then Kainaat also joins him. 

Dilip Kumar aka Mohammad Yusuf Khan not only proved this thing but also lived it. 

On 7th July 2021, Dilip Kumar left all his loved ones stunned but left behind many great stories, which is related to his career and personal life, and today’s youth can take inspiration from him. 

Let us discuss some such important aspects.

cannot be compared

Born on 11 December 1922 in Peshawar, Pakistan, Dilip Kumar came to the city of dreams in Mumbai and started a career in acting. 

In the early stages, he left his mark with his very sensitive and serious acting. His first film was Jwar Bhata. 

Talking about his film career, he delivered such good dialogues in Naya Daur, Trishul, Mughal-e-Azam, Devdas and Saudagar that even after years he is heard and spoken with fervor. 

In 1955, his black and white film Devdas was made in which his acting was so strong that later when Sanjay Leela Bhansali made the film Devdas, inspiration was taken from Dilip Kumar’s film.

caravan of love

Age difference doesn’t matter in love. 

During an interview, Dilip Kumar’s wife Saira Banu had said that her heart had fallen on Dilip Kumar but due to the difference of more than 20 years between the two, she felt a little uncomfortable in approaching. 

But it is said that whenever you want something from the heart, it gets it. 

Dilip Kumar was probably aware of Saira Banu’s heart and accepted Saira Banu as his wife.

you don’t see my white hair

It was also revealed in an interview that when Saira Banu had spoken about her heart to Dilip Kumar, then Dilip Sahab jokingly told him that you do not see my white hair. 

But Dilip Sahab’s name was printed in Saira’s mind and Dilip Kumar also understood this.

Saira Banu had a miscarriage

The marriage of Saira Banu and Dilip Kumar became a topic of discussion among the people. 

Dilip Sahab was 44 and Saira Banu was 22 when they got married. 

After marriage, both of them faced every difficulty together. 

He also saw many ups and downs in his personal life. 

Dilip Sahab’s autobiography The Substance and the Shadow reveals that once Saira was pregnant, but she had a miscarriage. 

Both were very disappointed by this accident but they completed this journey by becoming the encouragement of each other.

will live in hearts

Whether it is a matter of age in love or receiving awards in Pakistan, the decency and seriousness that Dilip Kumar Sahab handled many such matters is commendable. 

Tributes to Mohabbat Ke Salim from the Boldsky team.

Relationship Tips: Angry Wife’s Mercury Keeps Rising, How To Make Her Feel Special

Men can very well understand the situation when their wife gets angry with them. 

When things are going wrong it becomes more difficult to handle them. 

If they are angry at your mistake, then even your apologizing many times will not have any effect on them. 

Whatever may be the reason for misunderstanding or any mistake of yours, but you should know how to handle your wife’s anger in a positive and mature manner. 

Today we are telling about some methods that will help you to handle your wife’s anger. 

Hope this will make your relationship stronger.

don’t lose your temper

No matter how angry your wife may be, don’t lose your temper at all. 

Always remember that in a fight one needs to remain calm so that things can be handled. 

If both of you get angry then you will never be able to reconcile. 

Keep this thing in your mind that this time too will pass.

know the reason for their anger

Is your wife tired after working all day? Is this the reason for the irritability in their behavior? 

So you need to understand their position. 

If they feel good after taking out the anger of home and office work throughout the day, then you support them. 

Don’t get into an argument with them.

What are they angry about?

Is your wife fighting with you over petty things? 

So there is a possibility that she is trying to take this fight towards a bigger issue. 

There is something on which she wants to get her anger out. 

You try and try to reach the real root of the fight or else your wife’s anger is not going to calm down.

need to negotiate

Make sure you tie the knot that communication is the most important factor in a relationship. 

Unless you sit and talk to your wife, this issue cannot be resolved. 

If your wife is angry, let her speak her mind. 

But don’t hold back your words at that time. 

Let them calm down and then you tell your side.

make them feel special

You try to keep your wife happy. Bring gifts for them. Share the responsibilities with them. 

Give them attention and love. 

When you make her feel special, she will forget her anger and focus on your efforts.

Kundli Matching: Kundli Matching And Medical Examination Is Very Important Before Marriage, Will Be Together For Life

Kundli matching is done before marriage in Hinduism. 

According to astrology, horoscope matching is very important before marriage. 

The relationship is confirmed only after matching the horoscope. 

With good horoscope matching, it is believed that relationships last longer and marriage lasts longer, in today’s time matching medical horoscopes is more important than qualities. 

Let us know why it is necessary to match the medical horoscope before marriage.

what is medical horoscope

Medical horoscope should be done before marriage. 

In this horoscope, all kinds of things related to medical reports, diseases are included. 

Many times during marriage, the boy or the girl does not talk about any disease, but after marriage the secret comes out, which spoils the relationship of the new couple, sometimes the relationship breaks down because the secret is out.

Trust breaks due to arrival, so it is necessary to match the medical horoscope before marriage.

Why is medical examination necessary before marriage?

Medical examination before marriage is very important because before marriage you should not play with the future of any family and person by hiding such a thing. 

Before marriage, medical examination is necessary for both the boy and the girl. Get this test done before marriage

– blood tests

– fertility

– Screening for sexually transmitted infections

– genetic testing

– Giving information about any disease and medicines

Marriage is a long relationship, after marriage a new family is found, in such a situation, the more truthful the relationship, the stronger it will be.

keep these things in mind

If the relationship lasts for a long time, then some things should be clear before marriage. 

Before having a relationship, the medical condition should be clear so that there should not be any kind of problem in the coming time.

Apart from the medical condition, clarity of these things is also important.

Girl and boy should tell the truth about their education.

Boy and girl should also be clear about their jobs.

The boy and the girl should clarify the financial situation.

Before marriage, you should also be clear about your dress. 

Many times after marriage, due to the dress, there is a debate in the house, due to which the relationship breaks up.

Love And Marriage: Getting Attracted To The Office After Marriage, Controlling Your Emotions

Many times while working in the office, someone falls in love. 

Being in love is a wrong thing, but after marriage, the love of the office can become ji’s trap. 

People often get attracted towards their co-workers in the office. 

It is normal for someone to have a crush even after being married. 

Many times it is considered cheating to have attraction towards other men and women, they feel that after getting married, it is wrong to think of someone.

It is not necessary that the attraction towards someone is an extra marital affair, but after getting married it is necessary to handle the extra marital crush and attraction properly, otherwise it can spoil your laughing family. 

Let us know what to do to control the feelings of attraction towards someone in the office.

talk to partner

After some time of marriage, the relationship goes through a monotony. 

Try to break out of this monotony. 

If you do not like any thing, behavior of your partner or want to change any of their habits, then talk to your partner.

explain yourself

If you have an attraction towards someone, then do not run away from that feeling, but accept it. 

You understand the relationship with your husband that there is no shortage. 

What are your expectations from your partner, what is the problem, where is the problem, answer all these questions. 

Even after being married, you can take the filling for another person as a wakeup call. 

If you have a crush on someone, then the crush happens for some time, keep less interaction with your crush, keep distance. 

With this you can save your married life from getting spoiled.

Set couple goals

After some time of marriage, there is no time to spend time with the partner, due to which distance comes. 

You plan a coffee with your partner. Go on a long drive. 

Make a plan to go out somewhere on the weekend. 

These little things make a relationship stronger. 

You can also go for a walk together in the evening. 

Taking a walk together after dinner can add new life to your relationship

Relationship Tips: Your Partner Is Only Looking At Your Money Not Love

If there is no dearth of money in your life or you have a wonderful job then you are more likely to have people around you who care about your money. 

Sometimes you find such a person close to your heart. 

You get emotionally attached to them. 

You make them an important part of your life.

But with the passage of time you realize that this person is not worthy of your love and he only cares about your money. 

Let’s talk about the signs that show that your partner is not interested in the relationship and is only looking at your money.

always cry for money

It is a good thing to have a discussion about money between a couple. 

But too much of anything is bad. 

Your partner always cries in front of you about money and tells how much debt he is in. 

He does all these things intentionally. 

He has also cried in front of you for lack of money. As soon as you offer help to him, he becomes absolutely relaxed.

used to spend in the beginning

Because of this you cannot doubt, your partner used to be ahead in the initial expenditure. 

He used to spend on hotels, travel, gifts etc. 

In this way slowly he won your trust. 

But after the passage of time, now they have stopped making such expenses and now all this work has come on you with cleverness.

bad image about work

No matter how much you love your partner, do not make the mistake of ignoring these signs related to them. 

If your partner adopts a careless attitude towards work and avoids taking responsibility, then it can become a problem for you in the future. 

There is an increased chance that your partner only sees you as their backup.

Talking about the future, but standing hands in the matter of money

Your partner talks about buying a big house, car etc.

But he does not work hard to get it. 

They see golden dreams of future with you but do not contribute in any way to fulfill them.

talking for hours about your money

They find it very difficult to talk about their money and expenses. 

But they will always be ready to manage your money. 

Where should you spend the money, they do not shy away from giving such opinion. 

In this way gradually they start taking control of your money

excuses in your time of need

Couples try their best to help their partner in times of trouble. 

But whenever you need, your partner leaves by making excuses or playing an emotional card, then you should understand this situation quickly.

Relationship Tips: 6 Reasons Why To Give Your Life Partner Second Chance If He Hurts You

Has your partner said anything to you that has hurt your feelings? 

Did he make some mistakes that hurt or upset you immensely? 

If yes, then you must be feeling very angry and now you do not want to talk to your partner. 

But before you take any decision, you must remember that no human being is perfect and hence, we all make mistakes all the time. 

Perhaps, therefore, we often crave a second chance.

Surely your partner will also want you to forgive him and give him another chance. 

No matter how angry you are with him, there is no harm in forgiving him, provided he hasn’t done anything that doesn’t deserve forgiveness. 

So today we are discussing here some such reasons, which will explain why you should consider giving your partner a second chance. 

he is repenting for his mistakes

If your partner is repenting for his mistakes. 

If she regrets her words or actions, it shows that you may consider giving your partner a chance. 

Your partner may have hurt your feelings and made you sad. 

But that doesn’t mean you’ll hate your partner. 

If you feel that he is genuinely sorry for what he did or said, you might consider giving him a second chance by forgiving him.

you still believe in him

Usually, people often stop believing in those who hurt them. 

But if you still believe in your partner, even if he has hurt you, it is a sign that you can give him another chance. 

If you still believe that your partner is a good person and always wants to make you happy, then this can be a positive sign.

Your friends ask you to give him another chance

It is clear that when couples fight they seek help from their friends. 

If after knowing the whole thing between you and your partner, your friends ask you to forgive him and give another chance to your relationship then it is also a sign. 

Maybe they give you reasons why you and your partner are meant to be for each other and that they regret what they’ve done. 

If you feel that your friends are trying to resolve issues with good intentions, you might consider doing so.

He tries to correct his mistakes

Sometimes people make mistakes that cannot be forgiven. 

But if your partner has done something that can be forgiven and is doing his best to correct what he has done, you can give him another chance. 

When your partner tries to make things better than before, it shows that he is sorry for what happened and wants another chance. 

In this situation, you can definitely give a chance to your partner.

he never intended to hurt you

Many times it happens that some people unknowingly make some mistakes and your partner may not have done it intentionally to hurt you. 

There are many instances when people make mistakes even when they intend to do the right thing. 

Still, if he did something wrong and hurt your feelings, that doesn’t mean he’s completely wrong. 

You listen to the partner first and if you find his words right, then you can think of giving him another chance.

you find him upset and he is sorry for what happened

Not everyone regrets his mistakes but if he is upset and regrets his words and work done, it clearly shows how sorry he is. 

In such a situation, getting angry all the time and finding faults in it can make the situation worse. 

If you think she’s really sorry and upset about what happened, giving her another chance won’t do you any harm.