Romance Tips: Non-sexual Qualities That Turn On Women, Know How

All the partners think about impressing each other. 

Before coming into the relationship, you also start liking your partner because of some things and behavior. 

Not only women, men also want to attract their partner. 

Let us tell you that there are some such non-sexual things of men that turn women on. 

Here we have tried to mention those things of men that attract their female partner and turn on their mood.

trust yourself

Women like men who believe in themselves and their confidence is reflected in their words and actions. 

Women like men who take a stand for themselves. 

Women give more attention to such men.

cooking skills

In today’s time, cooking skills are not just for women. 

Now many men are also learning the virtues of cooking. 

Women like this very much. 

When women find such a partner who feeds them delicious food made by their own hands, then they cannot stop themselves from being attracted towards them. 

This quality turns them on.

fashion sense

Boys who have a good sense of fashion and style maintain a good image not only in their workplace but also in personal life. 

Women like such partners who know what kind of dressing should be done in what kind of event.

perfume or deodorant scent

It is not only in television promotions that the fragrance of men’s perfume attracts girls and women, but women like it in real life too. 

Good fragrance increases their liking towards that man and sometimes with its help, their mood also becomes very good.

respect for others

Women always like such men who know how to respect the person in front. 

This quality of men brings their female partner closer to them.

Healthy Sex Tips: These 5 Things Should Never Be Done After Sex, Know Why?

It is important to build a healthy bond with your partner. 

Along with making the relationship strong, it also makes the journey of life with the partner easier. 

Establishing an intimate relationship with the partner is also an important part of the relationship.

But do you know that even after a good orgasm in bed, you should take care of some things so that your intimate relationship remains healthy too. 

Yes, after having a physical relationship, it is very important to take care of some things so that the private parts remain healthy and clean and there is no infection.

don’t soap

Many women like to take a bath after the session. 

But during this time, do not use soap in your vaginal area by mistake. 

By doing this, the natural moisture level of your private part gets disturbed which later causes infection.

don’t wear undergarments

If you are thinking of getting a sound sleep after sex, then do not sleep wearing lingerie. 

Many benefits of sleeping without clothes at night have also been told. 

Actually, sometimes the wetness of the private part reacts with the clothes of the body, which becomes the cause of infection.

Do not use wet wipes

You may feel lethargic after sex and do not feel like getting out of bed. 

In such a situation, women clean their private parts only with wet wipes. 

You are advised to avoid this as these wet wipes contain chemicals and are not at all safe for sensitive areas like your private parts.

hot water bath

Taking a bath after having a physical relationship is a good option, but avoid using very hot water. 

This can reduce vaginal discharge and increase the risk of infection.

withholding urine

Don’t make the mistake of stopping urination after having sex. 

Especially after having sex, one should go to urinate. 

Doing this is advised because it allows bacteria and germs to come out through urine and there is no risk of UTI.

Relationship Tips: Every Woman Should Know These Some Unique Things Related To The Private Part Of Her Fellow Man

Many such articles will be found in which detailed information about women’s organs and its size is found. 

Let us tell you that the body of men is also full of mysteries. 

During a physical relationship, the partners get a chance to get to know each other closely. 

Men’s penis and testicles are no less mysterious. There are many myths related to them. 

Through this article, let us try to know about some surprising things related to the private part of men.

low temperature of the testicles

The temperature of the testicles is up to five degrees cooler than other parts of the body.

allergy to semen

You must have heard about many women being allergic to their partner’s semen, but many men can be allergic to their own semen as well. 

Yes, this is a very rare situation. 

In this, there is an allergy to the proteins present in the semen, due to which there is a problem of itching, burning and redness.

Morning erection in most men

Many men have morning erections. 

The reason behind this happening is the high level of testosterone in men in the morning. 

There is no need to worry about it. 

This is a healthy sign.

male penis shrinkage

Men who have a habit of smoking, there is a problem of shrinkage in their penis. 

Smoking affects the erection. 

Because of this men are not able to stay in bed for long.

blue balls are a problem

Blue balls are used to reduce pain in the testicles. 

This problem is seen in men when they are excited but no release is known. 

In medical term it is called Epididymal Hypertension.

Penis break

Like other parts of the body, the penis of men can also break. 

Due to this penile fracture has to be suffered.

Relationship Tips: Old-fashioned School Dating Tips You Can Follow To Impress Modern Girls

Today’s youth show a lot of haste to get into a relationship. 

But it is not necessary that everyone can get success. 

It is not easy to tell your heart to the girl of your choice. 

During dating, boys try to impress them by giving them expensive gifts. 

But it is not necessary that all girls like such gifts. 

In such a situation, this article can be useful to you. 

If you want to impress a girl and want to tell her your heart, then these old ways of expressing can be useful for you.

Try Street Food Instead of Restaurants

If you want to feel different with your date, then instead of going to any stylish and expensive restaurant, go for a street food date with them. 

Girls love little things. 

There will hardly be any girl who refuses chaat, pakodas, gol gappas, ice cream. 

You don’t go to the restaurant to show off, instead both of them head to some chatori street to have a fun time.

Hand written letters are close to the heart

There are many dating apps out there these days. 

There you will find many ways to impress your crush. 

But if you want to make them your own at heart, instead of sending them digital messages, send them your handwritten card or letter. 

Girls like this kind of effort made by their partner. 

Also they feel special.

don’t forget friends

Here we are not talking about you, but your girlfriend’s friends. 

Not only in the old times, even in today’s time, girls tell all the things to their friends and also take their decision according to their advice. 

It is important for you that you do not comment on their friends even in a joking manner. 

If you want, you can win their trust by mingling with their friends.

Heart ki baat with songs

In olden times, you would have seen hero-heroine dedicate songs to each other and there is no doubt that they love to sing or dedicate poetry like this to each other, whether boy or girl. 

If you want, you can dedicate the song of the girl’s favorite singer to her. 

If you are fond of singing, then why not send the recording of it in your voice to them.

Do not show haste for physical relationship

If you really love them and want to express this to your girlfriend, then give time for everything. 

You neither force them to have a physical relationship nor show haste in this matter. 

You take time to come close to them and when the time comes, move forward with consent.

Relationship Tips: Your Partner Is Only Looking At Your Money Not Love

If there is no dearth of money in your life or you have a wonderful job then you are more likely to have people around you who care about your money. 

Sometimes you find such a person close to your heart. 

You get emotionally attached to them. 

You make them an important part of your life.

But with the passage of time you realize that this person is not worthy of your love and he only cares about your money. 

Let’s talk about the signs that show that your partner is not interested in the relationship and is only looking at your money.

always cry for money

It is a good thing to have a discussion about money between a couple. 

But too much of anything is bad. 

Your partner always cries in front of you about money and tells how much debt he is in. 

He does all these things intentionally. 

He has also cried in front of you for lack of money. As soon as you offer help to him, he becomes absolutely relaxed.

used to spend in the beginning

Because of this you cannot doubt, your partner used to be ahead in the initial expenditure. 

He used to spend on hotels, travel, gifts etc. 

In this way slowly he won your trust. 

But after the passage of time, now they have stopped making such expenses and now all this work has come on you with cleverness.

bad image about work

No matter how much you love your partner, do not make the mistake of ignoring these signs related to them. 

If your partner adopts a careless attitude towards work and avoids taking responsibility, then it can become a problem for you in the future. 

There is an increased chance that your partner only sees you as their backup.

Talking about the future, but standing hands in the matter of money

Your partner talks about buying a big house, car etc.

But he does not work hard to get it. 

They see golden dreams of future with you but do not contribute in any way to fulfill them.

talking for hours about your money

They find it very difficult to talk about their money and expenses. 

But they will always be ready to manage your money. 

Where should you spend the money, they do not shy away from giving such opinion. 

In this way gradually they start taking control of your money

excuses in your time of need

Couples try their best to help their partner in times of trouble. 

But whenever you need, your partner leaves by making excuses or playing an emotional card, then you should understand this situation quickly.

Relationship Tips: 6 Reasons Why To Give Your Life Partner Second Chance If He Hurts You

Has your partner said anything to you that has hurt your feelings? 

Did he make some mistakes that hurt or upset you immensely? 

If yes, then you must be feeling very angry and now you do not want to talk to your partner. 

But before you take any decision, you must remember that no human being is perfect and hence, we all make mistakes all the time. 

Perhaps, therefore, we often crave a second chance.

Surely your partner will also want you to forgive him and give him another chance. 

No matter how angry you are with him, there is no harm in forgiving him, provided he hasn’t done anything that doesn’t deserve forgiveness. 

So today we are discussing here some such reasons, which will explain why you should consider giving your partner a second chance. 

he is repenting for his mistakes

If your partner is repenting for his mistakes. 

If she regrets her words or actions, it shows that you may consider giving your partner a chance. 

Your partner may have hurt your feelings and made you sad. 

But that doesn’t mean you’ll hate your partner. 

If you feel that he is genuinely sorry for what he did or said, you might consider giving him a second chance by forgiving him.

you still believe in him

Usually, people often stop believing in those who hurt them. 

But if you still believe in your partner, even if he has hurt you, it is a sign that you can give him another chance. 

If you still believe that your partner is a good person and always wants to make you happy, then this can be a positive sign.

Your friends ask you to give him another chance

It is clear that when couples fight they seek help from their friends. 

If after knowing the whole thing between you and your partner, your friends ask you to forgive him and give another chance to your relationship then it is also a sign. 

Maybe they give you reasons why you and your partner are meant to be for each other and that they regret what they’ve done. 

If you feel that your friends are trying to resolve issues with good intentions, you might consider doing so.

He tries to correct his mistakes

Sometimes people make mistakes that cannot be forgiven. 

But if your partner has done something that can be forgiven and is doing his best to correct what he has done, you can give him another chance. 

When your partner tries to make things better than before, it shows that he is sorry for what happened and wants another chance. 

In this situation, you can definitely give a chance to your partner.

he never intended to hurt you

Many times it happens that some people unknowingly make some mistakes and your partner may not have done it intentionally to hurt you. 

There are many instances when people make mistakes even when they intend to do the right thing. 

Still, if he did something wrong and hurt your feelings, that doesn’t mean he’s completely wrong. 

You listen to the partner first and if you find his words right, then you can think of giving him another chance.

you find him upset and he is sorry for what happened

Not everyone regrets his mistakes but if he is upset and regrets his words and work done, it clearly shows how sorry he is. 

In such a situation, getting angry all the time and finding faults in it can make the situation worse. 

If you think she’s really sorry and upset about what happened, giving her another chance won’t do you any harm.