Tips For Better Sexual Life: How To Improve Your Sexual Life In Winters

Along with the emotions in a relationship, it is very important to have a healthy physical relationship. 

After coming into the relationship, every person thinks about making their relationship happy and strong. In this case the sex life of the person also plays an important role.

At present, all kinds of information is available on the Internet, but along with the information, many types of confusion also spread. 

Every couple wants to improve their intimate relation but they are not fully aware about it. 

According to some people, a good sex life means how often you are physical, while some people believe that one or more orgasms indicate a healthy sex life. 

Know about different aspects and attitudes related to sex.


There is a rift in many couples about the fact that they are unable to get an orgasm. 

There is also a question in their mind that why both do not reach the climax together. 

Usually this happens with couples, so there is no need to worry too much about it. 

Significantly, women experience orgasm more than once.


Many times such advertisements are shown in sex books, blue films in which the short length of private part of men is shown as a problem. 

Such advertisements confuse the youth and by which they start adopting measures without knowing. 

Such an assumption is very wrong. 

Despite the small size of the private part of men, they are successful in getting their female partner orgasm.


Imagining while having a physical relationship can make your session fun. 

The pleasure of your session increases with the intimate imagination running in your mind. 

Keep yourself calm during private moments and just enjoy the moment.


With the passage of time, dullness comes in the relationship. 

You don’t need to worry about it. You should spend more time on foreplay. 

Cuddle each other and make each other feel special.


Generally, women are hesitant to take the initiative for sex even after spending a long time in the relationship. 

If there are children and they are small then it becomes even more difficult for them to find time for intimate moments. 

She is not able to pay attention to this by being relaxed and openly. 

In such a situation, when both of you get a chance, then focus on your romantic life.

Relationship Tips: How To Fix Your Wife’s Broken Heart – These Actions Hurt Your Marriage

Marriage is an unbreakable bond. 

It is a lifelong relationship. 

The cooperation of both husband and wife is needed to strengthen a relationship. 

But if the heart of either of the two becomes troubled by the relationship, then it can be difficult to maintain it for a long time. 

It is common to have some conflicts with love in married life. 

In the time of small disputes, the choice of words should be done very carefully.

The clashes of that time may have calmed down, but your words are always remembered. 

It is seen on many occasions that during a fight, men use some such words which hurt their wife. 

It directly affects the married life. You need to work with your mind even in times of quarrel. 

Know what are some things that can annoy your wife.

no understanding of the world

Whether women are working or taking care of the house, they are often silenced by saying that they do not understand the worldliness. 

This may sound very bad to them. 

Whatever they say, find a solution to your problem and ask for help.

question about family

Men, jokingly or sometimes in anger, say something to their wife’s maternal relatives. 

It can be unbearable for your wife to hear anything wrong for her family. 

They may not react to it at that time, but these things definitely sit in their mind.

question about their work

Any woman can find this question very bad when she is asked what do you do at home all day. Maintaining a house like a home is not an easy task. 

You must have realized this by staying at home during the time of lockdown. 

There are many small and big tasks ranging from cleaning the house, cooking, clothes etc., which takes a whole day to finish. In such a situation, if you question their efficiency, then this thing can hurt their mind.

do your own thing

A girl leaves her family and becomes part of a new family. 

Makes it her home and maintains it. 

In such a situation, if she is told that she always does her own thing, then this thing can sting her. 

She devotes all her time to you and your family members. 

Meanwhile, women sometimes forget to take care of themselves. 

Take care that you do not hurt them by saying such things unintentionally.

Indian Married Woman: If You Are Troubled By Mother-in-law’s In-laws, Then Keep Yourself Calm With The Help Of These Tips

You must have heard this that where there are four utensils there is a sound. 

It is common to have quarrels between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in the house. 

But sometimes these minor quirks start making life difficult. 

Especially it becomes a big problem for those women who get to hear the taunts of mother-in-law as well as father-in-law every day. 

Even in today’s time, there is no dearth of people who consider the daughter-in-law to come from another house and do not accept it as a part of their family. 

Instead of worrying about the differences arising with the mother-in-law, you can solve this matter by adopting some methods.

stand for yourself

There may be occasions in your life when important decisions of your life are taken by your in-laws without asking you. 

You don’t need to remain silent in such a situation. 

You put your point wisely in front of them. 

If you remain calm, then in the coming times their attitude will continue to be like this.

home talk to home

Many times people do not hold back from saying bad-mouthed to their daughter-in-law in front of others. Avoid reacting to this. 

If possible, keep some distance from friends and relatives of in-laws and keep your talk limited. 

When your mother-in-law realizes that you do not put all these things on your heart, then she can stop harassing you in this way.

There should be no rift in the relationship with the husband

Your husband may or may not be aware of your behavior. 

You can try to talk about this issue with him calmly once. But if they don’t agree with you, don’t insist. 

Don’t let this bring distance in your relationships. 

It is important that you maintain a good relationship with your husband in front of the in-laws.

Try to make the atmosphere light

In-laws can also interfere with you or your family for teasing. 

In such a situation, instead of making a face, you should answer it with a laugh. 

If you want, you can make the troubled environment fun too.

share hurtful things

It is generally seen that evil is done behind her back, not in front of the daughter-in-law. 

When these things come to know then it feels very bad. You need to talk about this. 

Let them know that you don’t like all this. 

Lack of communication leads to misunderstanding between each other. 

Don’t let that happen.

Don’t let it be obvious in front of the world

Whatever be the relationship with mother-in-law in the house, do not let it be revealed in front of the world. 

If you have to go to a party-function with the family, then do not sit with the issues of the house. 

Seeing your behavior, the in-laws may feel a little strange, but they will understand this understanding of yours.

Dilip Kumar Love Life: Coming Generation Will Also Remember The Love Story Of Dilip Kumar And Saira Banu

Love is beyond age and is always young. 

If there is a strong desire to get a partner, then Kainaat also joins him. 

Dilip Kumar aka Mohammad Yusuf Khan not only proved this thing but also lived it. 

On 7th July 2021, Dilip Kumar left all his loved ones stunned but left behind many great stories, which is related to his career and personal life, and today’s youth can take inspiration from him. 

Let us discuss some such important aspects.

cannot be compared

Born on 11 December 1922 in Peshawar, Pakistan, Dilip Kumar came to the city of dreams in Mumbai and started a career in acting. 

In the early stages, he left his mark with his very sensitive and serious acting. His first film was Jwar Bhata. 

Talking about his film career, he delivered such good dialogues in Naya Daur, Trishul, Mughal-e-Azam, Devdas and Saudagar that even after years he is heard and spoken with fervor. 

In 1955, his black and white film Devdas was made in which his acting was so strong that later when Sanjay Leela Bhansali made the film Devdas, inspiration was taken from Dilip Kumar’s film.

caravan of love

Age difference doesn’t matter in love. 

During an interview, Dilip Kumar’s wife Saira Banu had said that her heart had fallen on Dilip Kumar but due to the difference of more than 20 years between the two, she felt a little uncomfortable in approaching. 

But it is said that whenever you want something from the heart, it gets it. 

Dilip Kumar was probably aware of Saira Banu’s heart and accepted Saira Banu as his wife.

you don’t see my white hair

It was also revealed in an interview that when Saira Banu had spoken about her heart to Dilip Kumar, then Dilip Sahab jokingly told him that you do not see my white hair. 

But Dilip Sahab’s name was printed in Saira’s mind and Dilip Kumar also understood this.

Saira Banu had a miscarriage

The marriage of Saira Banu and Dilip Kumar became a topic of discussion among the people. 

Dilip Sahab was 44 and Saira Banu was 22 when they got married. 

After marriage, both of them faced every difficulty together. 

He also saw many ups and downs in his personal life. 

Dilip Sahab’s autobiography The Substance and the Shadow reveals that once Saira was pregnant, but she had a miscarriage. 

Both were very disappointed by this accident but they completed this journey by becoming the encouragement of each other.

will live in hearts

Whether it is a matter of age in love or receiving awards in Pakistan, the decency and seriousness that Dilip Kumar Sahab handled many such matters is commendable. 

Tributes to Mohabbat Ke Salim from the Boldsky team.

Relationship Tips: Angry Wife’s Mercury Keeps Rising, How To Make Her Feel Special

Men can very well understand the situation when their wife gets angry with them. 

When things are going wrong it becomes more difficult to handle them. 

If they are angry at your mistake, then even your apologizing many times will not have any effect on them. 

Whatever may be the reason for misunderstanding or any mistake of yours, but you should know how to handle your wife’s anger in a positive and mature manner. 

Today we are telling about some methods that will help you to handle your wife’s anger. 

Hope this will make your relationship stronger.

don’t lose your temper

No matter how angry your wife may be, don’t lose your temper at all. 

Always remember that in a fight one needs to remain calm so that things can be handled. 

If both of you get angry then you will never be able to reconcile. 

Keep this thing in your mind that this time too will pass.

know the reason for their anger

Is your wife tired after working all day? Is this the reason for the irritability in their behavior? 

So you need to understand their position. 

If they feel good after taking out the anger of home and office work throughout the day, then you support them. 

Don’t get into an argument with them.

What are they angry about?

Is your wife fighting with you over petty things? 

So there is a possibility that she is trying to take this fight towards a bigger issue. 

There is something on which she wants to get her anger out. 

You try and try to reach the real root of the fight or else your wife’s anger is not going to calm down.

need to negotiate

Make sure you tie the knot that communication is the most important factor in a relationship. 

Unless you sit and talk to your wife, this issue cannot be resolved. 

If your wife is angry, let her speak her mind. 

But don’t hold back your words at that time. 

Let them calm down and then you tell your side.

make them feel special

You try to keep your wife happy. Bring gifts for them. Share the responsibilities with them. 

Give them attention and love. 

When you make her feel special, she will forget her anger and focus on your efforts.

Kundli Matching: Kundli Matching And Medical Examination Is Very Important Before Marriage, Will Be Together For Life

Kundli matching is done before marriage in Hinduism. 

According to astrology, horoscope matching is very important before marriage. 

The relationship is confirmed only after matching the horoscope. 

With good horoscope matching, it is believed that relationships last longer and marriage lasts longer, in today’s time matching medical horoscopes is more important than qualities. 

Let us know why it is necessary to match the medical horoscope before marriage.

what is medical horoscope

Medical horoscope should be done before marriage. 

In this horoscope, all kinds of things related to medical reports, diseases are included. 

Many times during marriage, the boy or the girl does not talk about any disease, but after marriage the secret comes out, which spoils the relationship of the new couple, sometimes the relationship breaks down because the secret is out.

Trust breaks due to arrival, so it is necessary to match the medical horoscope before marriage.

Why is medical examination necessary before marriage?

Medical examination before marriage is very important because before marriage you should not play with the future of any family and person by hiding such a thing. 

Before marriage, medical examination is necessary for both the boy and the girl. Get this test done before marriage

– blood tests

– fertility

– Screening for sexually transmitted infections

– genetic testing

– Giving information about any disease and medicines

Marriage is a long relationship, after marriage a new family is found, in such a situation, the more truthful the relationship, the stronger it will be.

keep these things in mind

If the relationship lasts for a long time, then some things should be clear before marriage. 

Before having a relationship, the medical condition should be clear so that there should not be any kind of problem in the coming time.

Apart from the medical condition, clarity of these things is also important.

Girl and boy should tell the truth about their education.

Boy and girl should also be clear about their jobs.

The boy and the girl should clarify the financial situation.

Before marriage, you should also be clear about your dress. 

Many times after marriage, due to the dress, there is a debate in the house, due to which the relationship breaks up.

Love And Marriage: Getting Attracted To The Office After Marriage, Controlling Your Emotions

Many times while working in the office, someone falls in love. 

Being in love is a wrong thing, but after marriage, the love of the office can become ji’s trap. 

People often get attracted towards their co-workers in the office. 

It is normal for someone to have a crush even after being married. 

Many times it is considered cheating to have attraction towards other men and women, they feel that after getting married, it is wrong to think of someone.

It is not necessary that the attraction towards someone is an extra marital affair, but after getting married it is necessary to handle the extra marital crush and attraction properly, otherwise it can spoil your laughing family. 

Let us know what to do to control the feelings of attraction towards someone in the office.

talk to partner

After some time of marriage, the relationship goes through a monotony. 

Try to break out of this monotony. 

If you do not like any thing, behavior of your partner or want to change any of their habits, then talk to your partner.

explain yourself

If you have an attraction towards someone, then do not run away from that feeling, but accept it. 

You understand the relationship with your husband that there is no shortage. 

What are your expectations from your partner, what is the problem, where is the problem, answer all these questions. 

Even after being married, you can take the filling for another person as a wakeup call. 

If you have a crush on someone, then the crush happens for some time, keep less interaction with your crush, keep distance. 

With this you can save your married life from getting spoiled.

Set couple goals

After some time of marriage, there is no time to spend time with the partner, due to which distance comes. 

You plan a coffee with your partner. Go on a long drive. 

Make a plan to go out somewhere on the weekend. 

These little things make a relationship stronger. 

You can also go for a walk together in the evening. 

Taking a walk together after dinner can add new life to your relationship