Acupuncture For Diabetes: How Beneficial Is Acupuncture For Diabetics?

Acupuncture can be used to treat many diseases such as severe pain, impotence, headache etc. 

Although researchers are still studying the effects of acupuncture, many health experts say that this traditional Chinese therapy may also help treat type 2 diabetes. 

Special points can be stimulated by targeting the trigger parts with special needles.

Acupuncture works to eliminate the symptoms of the disease from the root. 

Diabetes is a disease that arises due to hormonal imbalance in the endocrine system and due to this pain is felt. 

Acupuncture needles stimulate these endorphins to provide energy and reduce pain. 

According to some doctors, acupuncture can also reduce many risks and side effects of diabetes. 

It regulates the function of pancreas and maintains normal insulin level. 

Obesity can also be got rid of by taking acupuncture treatment for a long time.

Doctors say that acupuncture mainly affects the following five functions of the body:

maintaining a balanced weight

Improvement in blood glucose level in diabetic patient

By protecting the pancreas and preventing insulin production from increasing

Improve insulin resistance

Regulates and improves the production of important hormones in the body such as melatonin, insulin, glucocorticoids, epinephrine.

how does it work

Traditional healers believe that acupuncture works best when low-intensity waves enter the body. 

Generally, acupuncture for diabetes takes 20 to 30 minutes, which is to be taken at least twice a week. 

Depending on the condition of the patient and the rate at which the disease progresses, the doctor may advise you to take more sittings. 

Most doctors use two types of acupuncture to control diabetes and prevent it from progressing, which affects the following body functions.


This is the most common type of acupuncture, in which needles are placed on the affected points and then slow electrical variations are sent from one needle to the other. 

It helps in fighting insulin resistance and sensitivity.

wrist ankle treatment

This is another type of acupuncture in which the trigger point is stimulated by going deep inside it. 

It is helpful in reducing the sugar level and improving the quality of life of the diabetic patient.

herbal acupuncture

This therapy has recently come into acupuncture. 

In this, special herbs are inserted directly into the acupuncture points through a needle.

With regular use, acupuncture triggers hormonal secretions in the body, thereby providing relief to those areas of the body where the sugar levels were disturbed. 

It also does not reveal any side effects. Therefore, acupuncture can be used along with regular medicines.

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