Diabetes And Heart: Living In Tall Apartment Buildings Increases The Risk Of Diabetes And Heart,Know What The Research Related To It Says

There is a bad news for those who live in high-rise buildings. 

A recent study found that people who live in high-rise apartments have a higher risk of heart disease and diabetes. 

Researchers found in research that people who are exposed to high pollution or live in tall buildings are more likely to have heart disease and diabetes.

Researchers researched the relationship found between pollution and people living in high-rise buildings. 

During this investigation, the researchers came to the conclusion that people who live in polluted environments or tall buildings for a long time, they get away from greenery. 

Because of which they soon become a victim of hypertension and metabolic syndrome.

Researchers said that such people often have increased triglyceride levels. 

Also, with the decrease in the amount of lipoprotein cholesterol, symptoms like excess sugar and obesity also start appearing in these people. 

The research was conducted among people who were living in multi-storey buildings.

It has been proved in many researches that most of the people who die in developing countries die of heart disease. 

High blood pressure and metabolic syndrome are considered the main causes of heart disease. 

Metabolic syndrome is associated with obesity, high blood pressure and high sugar. 

Not only this, all these health-related conditions are associated with a higher risk of various health problems. 

Many times genetic factors are involved, lifestyle, diet, and environmental factors (air pollution, quality of residential housing).

According to the researchers of this study, one person should regulate the living space in multi-storey homes as much as possible, improve the noise insulation of apartments, and people living in multistorey buildings should plant trees in their homes. should be promoted.

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