Diabetes: Do Not Believe The Many Myths Related To Diabetes, Know Why?

Diabetes has become a common disease today. 

If you have diabetes, then you need to take care of your health.

In such a situation, you will also get many advice like avoid sugar, do not eat too much potato, lose weight, use sugar free instead of sugar or such There are many advices that every diabetic patient will usually get to hear. 

So now the thinking person is to tell which advice is to be accepted and which is not.

But there are many of us who, due to lack of complete information about diabetes, believe in any half-hearted thing. 

There are many misconceptions around us about diabetes. 

Let us know about the myths and truths about diabetes or diabetes.

Myth 1: Diabetics can’t eat sweets?

Fact: The one advice everyone gives is that you shouldn’t eat sugar! However, the truth is that in diabetes one should eat a diet that is balanced. It may also contain sugar in moderation. In diabetes, you can also consume artificial sugar in small amounts.

Myth 2: Skipping meals keeps blood sugar levels in check?

Fact: Skipping important meals like breakfast raises blood sugar levels.

Myth 3: Diabetes is caused by obesity?

Fact: Diabetes is not related to weight. One of the reasons behind diabetes is an irregular lifestyle. But when suddenly you start gaining weight around your waist, then it is a kind of sign.

Myth 4: People with diabetes cannot donate blood?

Fact: If your diabetes is under control, you can donate blood. Patients whose sugar level is controlled with medicines, they can donate blood comfortably. A diabetic patient must do a blood test once before donating blood.

Myth 5: Eat as many fruits as you can in diabetes.

Fact: Fruits also contain natural sugars, as well as carbohydrates that can work to raise blood sugar levels. No matter how healthy the fruits are, check the sugar level even when you are eating the fruit. Fruits have fiber content along with vitamins and minerals, all of which are said to control diabetes. . Therefore, diabetics should eat fruits only after examination.

Myth 5: Diabetes sufferers start feeling as soon as the blood sugar level drops in the body?

Fact: People suffering from diabetes should keep checking the blood sugar level present in the body from time to time although some people may not easily feel the symptoms of low blood sugar in the body.

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