Diabetic Food Chart: Insulin Injection Will Not Be Needed,Diabetic Patients Must Eat These Things

If you have type 2 diabetes then you have to take care of your eating habits. 

You need to have the right information about what you are eating. 

Because even due to a little carelessness, the diabetes patient gets heart and kidney diseases over time.

If the level of insulin in the body starts falling, then the patients of diabetes have to take insulin injection separately. 

But if the right diet and lifestyle are controlled, then a person can lead a healthy life despite having a serious disease like diabetes. 

So let’s know which food is really healthy in diabetes.


According to the rules of Ayurveda, if someone is suffering from diabetes, then he should consume fenugreek powder with hot water every morning on an empty stomach. 

Fenugreek helps in controlling sugar, which increases the amount of insulin in the body.

Bitter gourd

Consuming bitter gourd regularly reduces the effect of diabetes in the body. 

Bitter gourd is included in this. 

In whose bitter taste is hidden the treasure of health. 

Consuming bitter gourd juice in the morning is effective in case of diabetes.


By the way, turmeric is consumed in Indian cuisine. But if someone is suffering from type 2 diabetes then he should definitely consume turmeric. 

Turmeric contains an active ingredient called curcumin which helps in preventing diabetes.


Consumption of fruits like berries, which are slightly sour in taste, also keeps sugar under control. 

It helps in keeping the level of sugar in the blood normal and in keeping the amount of insulin right.

Missi roti

A person suffering from diabetes should not eat roti made of wheat flour only. 

By mixing gram flour in this flour and consuming its roti, sugar is controlled because gram flour has a glycemic index of 70 and wheat flour has a hundred.

dairy items

The problem of diabetes is also removed by eating Greek yogurt, cottage cheese and eggs. 

All of these are rich in protein. 

And protein reduces the problem of diabetes.

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