Healthy Flour For Summers: To Increase The Coolness Of The Stomach In Summer, Eat These 4 Loaves Of Rotis, Digestion Will Remain Fit And Health Will Remain Healthy


Just as it is beneficial to consume hot food in winter, similarly, in the summer season, cold-tasting foods should be given importance. 

So that the body can be kept cool in the summer season, the heat of the stomach can be pacified. 

Although in summer, people consume different types of food items to keep the body cool, but roti is such a diet that everyone eats 1 or 2 times a day. 

In winters, rotis made from ragi, millet, buckwheat etc. are consumed. But even in the summer, you need to change the dough.

wheat flour for summer

Now that the summer season has arrived, you can include wheat rotis in your diet. 

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Wheat has a cooling effect, so it can be consumed in summer.

Wheat flour is rich in nutrients. Eating wheat bran improves digestion. 

The properties of wheat also purify the blood. Wheat is high in fiber, which is effective in reducing weight. 

Wheat flour is also beneficial for thyroid patients.

chickpea flour

In summer, rotis made from gram flour can also be eaten. 

Chickpea flour has a cooling effect, so it is suitable for the summer season. Chickpea flour is rich in protein. 

There is about 20 grams of protein in 1 cup of gram flour. 

Chickpea flour is also helpful in building muscle and keeping weight under control.

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Most people think of gram flour as gram flour, but gram flour and gram flour are different from each other. 

Besan is refined, removing all its fiber. 

same gram flour is ground with the skin, is thicker than gram flour and is also rich in fiber.

barley flour

In summer, most people drink barley water to keep their stomach cool. 

But if you want, you can grind barley and prepare its flour, in summer you can make rotis from it. 

Barley is considered beneficial in summers as it has a cooling effect. 

Apart from this, barley is also rich in nutrients. 

Eating rotis made from barley flour ends stomach related problems. 

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Barley is cool, so it also protects against nail acne caused by heat. 

Barley bread is also beneficial for diabetics.

jowar flour in summer

Jowar contains nutrients. Jowar is rich in protein, vitamin B complex and minerals. 

Apart from this, jowar also contains potassium, phosphorus, calcium and iron. 

The effect of jowar is cooling, so people of pitta nature can also eat its rotis. 

People of Vata should consume it only on the advice of the doctor. 

In summer, jowar flour pacifies pitta and kapha. 

Jowar is low in calories and high in nutrition. 

This helps in reducing weight. 

Eating rotis of jowar flour removes fatigue and gives strength to the body.

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