Navrati Fasting Food Tips: How To Identify Fake Or Real Kuttu Ka Atta


Many people consume a lot of buckwheat flour during fasting during Shardiya Navratri. 

During this time, due to high demand, profiteers start selling fake kattu flour in the market as real. 

Eating fake kattu flour has a negative effect on health.

It is very difficult to identify which goods are pure and which are adulterated during the festive season. 

Eating adulterated foods can lead to ulcers, piles, cancer and many serious diseases related to liver. 

In such a situation, we are going to tell you some such tips by which you can easily identify the adulteration of Kattu flour in Navratri. 

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So let’s know about these easy tips

The original buckwheat flour can be identified by its colour. 

Buckwheat flour is dark brown in colour. 

If there is any kind of adulteration in the buckwheat flour or if it is spoiled, then first of all its color changes. 

In this condition, the color of buckwheat flour may be gray or light green. 

Apart from this, spoiled or adulterated buckwheat flour tends to disintegrate while kneading.

Buckwheat is a type of grain or can also be called a type of rice, which is found in cold areas. 

The medical name of the buckwheat is Phagopaerum efculantum. 

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It is called Buckwheat in English. 

Buckwheat flour is eaten during the fasting of Navratri. 

It is considered very nutritious, but keeping it for a long time can also cause fungal problems. 

So avoid storing it for a long time.

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