Radish Leaves Juice: Benefits Of Drinking Radish Leaves Juice In Winter


In the winter season, many such green vegetables come in the market, which are beneficial for our health. 

They work to give innumerable benefits to health. 

Radish is also included in these green vegetables. 

Yes, radish is very much liked in the winter season. 

But many times we see that while buying radish we do not take its leaves, if we bring the leaves by mistake then throw them away. 

But radish leaves are considered very beneficial for health.

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Let us tell you that you can consume radish leaves in the form of greens and juice for health. 

Nutrients like protein, carbohydrate, chlorine, sodium, iron, magnesium as well as vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C are found in the juice of radish leaves. 

These nutrients help in protecting the body from many problems. 

So let us tell you the method of making juice of radish leaves and its benefits.

1. Digestion

Adequate amount of fiber is found in radish leaves. 

Which is very beneficial for everyone’s stomach. 

If you consume a drink made from radish leaves, then the problem of digestion can be overcome.

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If you want to lose weight in winter then this is the best option for everyone. 

Yes, you can easily lose weight by consuming a drink made from radish leaves. it is beneficial for you

3. Low blood pressure

If there is a problem of blood pressure, then the consumption of radish leaves is considered very beneficial for every low blood pressure patient. 

Radish leaves contain a good amount of sodium, which can help in meeting the lack of salt in the body.

Learn How To Make Radish Leaf Juice

To make radish leaf drink, you first need fresh radish leaves. 

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After this wash the radish leaves thoroughly with clean water 2-3 times. 

Then after that cut it into small pieces. After this grind the leaves in a mixer. 

Then add black salt, a pinch of black pepper powder and lemon juice as per taste. 

Now your juice is ready, you can drink it in the morning.

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