Creative Use Of Shade Loving Plants For Terrace And Balcony For An Extra Look

Trees help us to keep our earth green and the environment pure, so we must plant trees. Plant lovers who have less space in their homes either do terrace gardening or decorate the balcony of their house with beautiful plants. 

If you live in a building or apartment and want to plant good plants in your balcony but your balcony has more shade, then here we will tell you about shade loving plants. So let’s know.


This is one such indoor plant that will not only enhance the beauty of your home but it is also beneficial for your health. It also acts as a great air purifier. This natural air purifier absorbs toxic gases. This removes harmful substances from the air and you can breathe very clean air.

Singonium is a plant with more than 30 species. Due to this, positive energy will also reside in your home. It has many colors, as well as the leaves of this plant are of different sizes.


This is another great indoor plant that is very much liked and can give an extra look to your home. This shade plant grows rapidly even in light moisture. A fern is a good hanging plant.

It absorbs harmful substances like formaldehyde. Apart from this, we also get pure air because the fern removes xylene and toluene from the air. You can sprinkle water on it 3 to 4 times a day so that the moisture remains.

money plant

The biggest feature of this plant is that you can plant it in a place with less shade, as well as you can also plant it in open sunlight. We can install money plant in many ways. You can put it in a hanging basket, apart from putting it in a water bottle, you can keep it at home. Overall, you can do many experiments with this plant.


You will find many varieties of Dracaena. Its specialty is that you will get it in different colors. Like you will find many variants of red or green. It also works in low or bright light. You can also decorate your living room and bedroom with this plant.

There is a variety of Dracena Lucky Bamboo which can be kept completely in artificial life.


This is such a plant that whether you ever give water or not, it will continue to grow. This plant is also known as Shameless Plant. If you are fond of planting plants but you are not able to take good care of them, then this plant will be the best for you.

Hope this article of ours will help you in doing good gardening.

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