Terrace Gardening Tips: Decorate Your Terrace Like This With The Help Of Cactus Plants

Cactus is a plant that requires very little care. Since the habitat of most cactus species is in the desert, their water requirements are also very low. You can also take care of them by watering them only once a week. 

Depending on their growth, they are cut, but often this is not necessary, as they are not very large. Since they require little maintenance, they are considered a popular houseplant. They have different species, while some cactus plants are considered good enough for indoor, with the help of some plants you can decorate your terrace. So today we are telling you about some such cactus, which are perfect for terrace-

golden barrel

It is a barrel or spherical shaped cactus and its shape can vary depending on the circumstances. Yellow spikes emerge from its ribs, giving it a distinct golden colour. This species of cactus is considered good for terrace garden.

beavertail cactus

Growing to 16 inches, its gray-green pads are attached to the sides. In addition, its flowers bloom from late winter to early summer, which are very beautiful to look at. In such a situation, this cactus can also be given a place in the terrace garden.

Strawberry Hedgehog Cactus

Strawberry hedgehog cactus is also known as strawberry cactus, Saints cactus, purple torch or Engelmann’s hedgehog cactus. This is a great outdoor plant. Its round, light brown clusters are filled with spines.

star cactus

This cactus fully proves its name. The dome-like speckled star cactus with small, white dots is a beautiful sight to behold. Its stems are divided into eight sections. It is such a species of cactus, which is not covered with spines like other cactus.

ruby necklace plant

If it is a matter of succulent for terrace garden, then you can also plant ruby ​​necklace plant. It is a fast growing succulent with unique bean shaped leaves. Its main attraction is its ruby ​​red to purple stems. The daisy-like yellow flowers on the plant are very nice to see. Apart from terrace garden, they are also a better option for rock garden.

rate tail cactus

If you want to decorate your house in a different way, then you can plant rate tail cactus. This plant is sure to attract your guests due to the thick long stems that look like a rat’s tail. Tall stems look great when clipped down from hanging baskets.

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