Hindu God Hanuman Names For Your Baby: Choose Names With Vedic Meaning – Name Your Baby After Hanuman


In Hinduism, naming a child is based on the child’s sun sign or zodiac sign and the name begins with the alphabet associated with that sun sign. 

But generally, parents choose not to use these names suggested by Pandit ji in the naming or naming ceremony and give their children the names they want. 

These days, parents are on the hunt for unusual and yet meaningful names that span their culture, tradition and religion. 

And what could be better than a name associated with one of the forms of God? 

Almost all Hindu deities have more than one name, and each name has a different deeper meaning. 

Hanuman, one of the most beloved deities, is a central character in the Ramayana, and Hanuman has various names in relation to his many extraordinary qualities, feats and actions. 

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Some of these names, he also shares with other gods.

You will be surprised to know that Hanuman ji has more than a thousand names. 

Many of these are long, difficult to spell and pronounce. 

We’ve picked out names for you that are short and simple, and yet easy to call, contemporary.

Abhyant : Abhyant means fearless. It is also the name of both Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman.

Adilesh: Adilesh means Lord Hanuman. Apart from being a modern name for a baby, it is also meaningful. Which means directly to the name of Lord Hanuman, which also sounds like a new age name.

Ajesh: Ajesh is a symbol of modern times for our Lord Hanuman. It also means being humorous and strong.

Akshantre: The one who killed Aksha, the youngest son of Ravana.

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Atulit : This name means one who has no comparison, the description of this name is also mentioned in Hanuman Chalisa.

Harvin: Harvin is another name of Lord Hanuman, which has appeared recently. It means winner. Kids love this trendy, short and cute Lord Hanuman name.

Mahadhyut: Most radiant, a person who has a radiant and alluring appearance.

Manvish: The name Manvish has a very unique name. It is a symbol of our favorite God Himself. It is famous in the northern part of India and is one of the popular yet unique Lord Hanuman names for baby boy in Hindi.

Manojavya: Hanuman ji is the son of Pawan i.e. Vayu. Fast and moving like the wind. His name Manojavya means as fast as the wind.

Prabhave Meaning: Popular god, Eminent, Glorious and majestic. You can name your son after this name of Hanuman ji.

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Ritam: Meaning of this name of Hanuman ji is Holy act and beautiful.

Rudransh: Hanuman, the son of Pawan, is considered to be a part of Lord Shiva, hence he is also called Rudransh. You can give this holy name associated with Bholenath and Hanuman ji to your son.

Shaurya: One who is fearless, mighty, brave.

Suchay: This is also a very unique name. It means pure, virtuous, and innocent.

Shritik: The name Shritik signifies and means both Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman and is a contemporary name choice. It originated from the Sanskrit language.

Vartik: Vritik is another trendy contemporary name choice for the symbol of our favorite Lord Hanuman.

Unay: Unay means energetic and very powerful person. It originated from the Sanskrit language itself.

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