List Of Hindu Lord Ganesha Baby Names: 15 Unique Lord Ganesha Names And Their Meanings For Your Baby


It is common practice in our country to name a child after God. Lord Ganesha is worshiped on a large scale across the country. Lord Ganesha is known for his wisdom, he is generous and loving and is considered the destroyer of evil in the world. No wonder, parents want to name their child after Lord Ganesha. However, when choosing a name for Lord Ganesha for your baby, some of you may want to follow the traditional route and choose a name from Sanskrit roots, while others may prefer a modern and unique name. Here we are telling you about some such names of Ganpati Bappa which you will like for your son.

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Advaita: One who is unique and unique is called Advaita. Ganesh ji is considered to be the most different among all the gods, hence he is also called Advaita.

Athesh: This name means Lord Ganesha, also means king.

Avneesh: This name is a bit different which means lord of the whole world, it also means a good ruler.

Ameya: This name is a bit unique in hearing, this name means one who knows no bounds.

Ojas: This name means full of light and light. The meaning of this name is talent.

Manomay: Manomay is the popular name of Lord Ganesha. Which means one who wins the hearts of his devotees.

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Riddhesh: Ganesh ji is considered to be the carrier of peace. Its name means the god of peace. This name of Lord Ganesha will suit your son very well.

Siddhesh: The name is similar to Siddhi, the consort of Ganesha, meaning the god of all worship, Lord Ganesha.

Siddhanth: The lord of success and achievements

Shubhan: The lord of all auspicious work is called Shubhan. Ganesha is associated with auspicious works. It also means intelligent.

Varad: The name means a fiery force that Ganesha brings with him.

Taksha name meanings is Strong or Dove’s eye.

Tanush: A child of God’s genius, this name is also associated with Lord Shiva.

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Yunay: This name of Lord Ganesha means Lord who is most powerful.

Yashaskar: This name of Lord Ganesha, the lord of fame and fortune, is in his own accord.

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