Postnatal Care: Keep These Things In Mind While Taking Care Of A 10-day-old Baby

Great care should be taken in taking care of the newborn baby only after its birth because due to the carelessness done during this time, he may have to suffer further damage to it. 

After giving birth to the baby, a mother needs to keep many things in mind while taking care of her baby.

Newborn’s body temperature, breathing and how long to feed. 

All these things affect the health of the baby. 

If you have just given birth to a baby or you are also going to deliver soon, then keep the following things in mind.

baby needs warmth

It is important to give warmth to the baby immediately after birth. 

After birth, wipe it comfortably with a clean cloth and cover it from head to toe. 

Make the baby lie on the mother’s chest or stomach, this gives warmth to the baby. 

Both mother and child can be covered with cloth.

let the baby breathe

Allow the baby to breathe properly. 

Clear mucus and amniotic fluid from his mouth and nose so that he can breathe freely. 

This is often done after the birth of the baby. 

Suction devices are used to clear the air passages in the baby’s mouth and nose.


Newborn baby is fed only mother’s milk. 

If your baby is having trouble breathing even after clearing his airways, don’t try to force-feed him. 

Doing so may be unsafe.

clean the umbilical cord

The baby is separated from the mother by cutting the umbilical cord, so the equipment used to clean it must be disinfected. 

Carefully clean the umbilical cord with alcohol and dry it. 

With this, any kind of infection or bacterial growth can be avoided.

watch baby’s heartbeat

The doctor should check the heartbeat of the baby immediately after the birth. 

Normally the baby’s heart rate should be 100 bpm. 

If the pulse rate is less than this, the baby may need artificial ventilator on the advice of the doctor. 

You can easily check your baby’s heartbeat.

Check Vitamin Deficiency

Vitamin K deficiency is commonly seen in newborn babies. 

Therefore, an injection of 0.5 to 1.0 mg of vitamin ‘K’ is given a few hours after birth. 

With this, the baby can avoid hemorrhage diseases, that is, bleeding-related diseases, which are at risk for the baby in the early period after birth. 

This disease affects one in 10,000 babies.

be patient

Newborns are very sensitive, so taking care of them after birth requires a lot of patience and knowledge. 

Take care of the newborn baby with great love and gentleness so that they remain healthy in the future.

parental responsibility

Children’s sleep is raw and they start crying again and again. 

This happens more at night. 

In such a situation, both the parents should get up in the shift and take care of the child. 

If the mother takes care of the child during the day, then at night this responsibility should be taken by the father.

make you feel pregnant

Lift the baby in the lap and caress him by hugging him to the chest. 

She should feel like she is still safe in your womb.

baby shower

You should bathe your baby slowly and gently. 

Clean the area around the umbilical cord as it dries very quickly. 

You can also give a sponge bath at this stage. 

Lay the baby on a towel and clean it with a soft cloth.

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