Premature Baby Care Tips: Take Special Care Of These Things, Take Care Of Premature Baby

Some babies are born before 36 weeks, they are called premature babies. 

The body of such children is not developed properly and their immune system is also very weak. 

Premature newborn babies have to be taken care of very carefully.

The slightest carelessness can be dangerous for their life. 

They are so fragile, weak, their body parts are not developed properly, so it is necessary to keep them under proper doctor’s care. 

Preterm babies stay in the hospital under the supervision of a doctor for several days. 

Even after coming home, the care of such a child should be done with great care and keeping in mind the cleanliness.

don’t get infected

Premature babies are most prone to infection. 

In such a situation, they should be taken care of very cautiously. 

Since they are born prematurely, due to which their immune power is not formed properly, in such a situation, after bringing the child home, do not let the house and outsiders come near the child. 

This reduces the risk of infection.

Give warm environment to the child

Special care has to be taken of the body temperature of a pre-mature baby.

The mother should stay with her child for a long time. He should be put to sleep by sticking to his body (chest). 

This will keep the baby warm. Will feel safe. 

With this he will recognize his mother, his development will also happen quickly.

get regular checkups

Take care of premature babies as prescribed by the doctor. 

Whenever you see any problem, take it to the doctor without delay. 

Such a child has more problems related to breathing and eyes. 

By having regular checkups, you will know whether it is developing properly or not.

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