Health Tips: Along With Health, Teeth Will Also Be Strong, Include This Food In The Diet Of The Child


When it comes to children’s health, it is very important to pay utmost attention to their teeth. 

Actually, young children are very careless about their food and drink. 

He often focuses on taste more than health and prefers to eat things which he likes to taste. Not only this, due to not taking proper care of dental hygiene, they also start having many types of dental problems.

In such a situation, it is necessary that parents not only include some such foods in their diet, which are good for their teeth, but also encourage them to eat healthy. 

So today in this article we are telling you about some such food items, which can prove beneficial for the teeth of the child

Anti-oxidant rich food

When it comes to healthy teeth, then anti-oxidant rich food should be included in the diet of the child. 

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These anti-oxidants not only fight against tooth infections, but also make the gums and teeth more healthy, due to which children do not get gum and other teeth related diseases. 

Nuts, beans, grapes and apples are a great source of antioxidants. You can give it to the baby to eat.

Vitamin C Rich Food

Vitamin C should be in every child’s diet. 

It is beneficial to them in many ways. 

In particular, they take special care of their teeth, as they help prevent scurvy that causes swelling and bleeding of the gums. 

Strawberries, oranges and broccoli are a great source of vitamin C. Make it a part of the child’s diet.

calcium rich food

Everyone knows how important calcium is for bones and teeth. 

Therefore, calcium rich food must also be included in the diet of children. 

In particular, spinach helps prevent tooth enamel from breaking down. 

Explain that enamel is mainly made up of calcium and phosphorus and foods rich in these two elements protect against enamel erosion.

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feed balanced diet

Balanced diets not only take care of the teeth of the child but also take care of the overall health. 

Therefore, you should take special care that the child’s diet must contain food items ranging from fruits and vegetables to salads, dairy and lean meats and fish etc.

Feed healthy foods like this

Now the question arises that how to feed healthy food to the child, because most of the children keep distance from it and like to eat market items and sugary food. Some tips can be adopted for this-

• To attract children towards healthy food, you should pay attention to the presentation of the food. You can cut and make food items in different shapes. Not only this, decorate it in a different way on the plate as well. This will make the child want to test it.

• You can also give a different name to the food item if you wish. If desired, name it after the child’s favorite cartoon character. This will attract the child towards him.

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take care of it

There are some things that must be taken care of to keep the baby’s teeth healthy. like-

• Keep a close watch on what your child eats throughout the day. With this you will be able to take better care of his health and teeth.

• Give less and less sugary items like sweets, sodas, candies and chocolates to children. Keep in mind that sugar attracts micro-organisms which later become the cause of gum and teeth problems.

• There are many items in the market today that claim to be sugar-free but they are not. So read the label carefully so that you can choose the right food option for the baby.

• If possible, make sweets etc. for the child at home. In this, instead of sugar, use jaggery or sugar. This would be a healthier option for them. Also, give home-made sweets etc. to be eaten only in very limited quantities.

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