Allergy To Breast Milk: Know The Causes And Symptoms Of Breast Milk Allergy?

Mother’s milk is the best food for the baby. 

Because, due to this the child develops and gets proper nutrition. 

Breastfeeding also strengthens the bond between mother and child. 

But, did you know that some babies can be allergic to breastfeed? 

As many children are allergic to things like cheese, soy, tofu and curd. 

But, very few people know that newborn babies can also be allergic to breast milk.

Why are babies allergic to breast milk?

According to experts, the baby has a problem of allergies due to changes in the production of milk, not the mother’s milk. 

Actually, due to some food items like soy, tofu etc., there is a change in the composition of breast milk. 

Because of this, babies stop drinking mother’s milk. 

In 1983, Swedish scientists discovered that babies are not allergic to breast milk. 

Rather, the composition of milk changes due to the sugar or protein present in the food consumed by the mother. 

Due to which the child starts getting allergic to milk.

Symptoms of milk allergy in baby

Gas formation in stomach


Stomach pain





Not drinking milk at all

What is the treatment for breast milk allergy?

It is not right in any way not to feed breast milk to an allergic child. 

Rather, the mother should try to make changes in breast milk by making small changes in her diet. 

For example,
stop drinking cow’s milk.

Avoid things that cause allergies. 

These types of allergies are usually caused by things like wheat, corn, eggs and peanuts. 

Therefore, paying attention, understand what is the reason for your problem and make changes in the diet on that basis.

Talk to your pediatrician about this and choose the right formula milk for your baby. 

Similarly, in very severe cases babies are fed galactose-free formula milk.

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