Mother’s Milk Bank: Mother’s Milk Is Not Less Than Gold, Donating Mother’s Milk Can Also Save The Life Of A Newborn

Breastfeeding Week is celebrated every year in view of the improvement in the health of mothers and babies around the world. 

Despite this, many newborn babies die every year due to lack of breast milk. 

According to a report, 16 out of 100 babies die because they do not get the mother’s first milk after birth.

Breastfeeding from birth to six months can reduce infant mortality to a great extent. 

Its initiative has already been taken in many parts of the country. 

Mother Milk Banks have been opened in different states of the country, which store mother’s milk for the children. 

After this, this milk is delivered to the needy children.

How is milk preserved?

First of all, the health of women donating milk is fully checked in Mother Milk Bank. 

In this test, it is ascertained whether the woman concerned does not have any disease. 

After this the milk is kept at minus 20 degrees, due to which this milk does not spoil for about six months.

Which states are next?

According to the data released in the year 2018, the maximum (13) mother milk banks have been created in Rajasthan. 

Apart from this, there are Mother Milk Banks in Maharashtra (12), Tamil Nadu (10).

After these states, Chennai’s name comes in this list. 

Breast milk donation services are also being provided in Delhi.

Why mother’s milk is necessary for the baby?

Breast milk is a complete diet that contains all the nutrients needed by the baby in proper amounts. 

These are easily digested by the baby. 

The proteins and fats present in mother’s milk are also more easily digested than in cow’s milk. 

Due to this, there is no problem of gas, constipation, diarrhea etc. in the stomach of the baby and there is very less chance of the child vomiting milk.

Mother can be saved from breast cancer

While breast milk acts as a protective shield for the children, it also protects the mother from diseases. 

By donating breast milk, the mother remains physically and mentally healthy. 

Apart from this, by breastfeeding and donating milk, the mother remains safe from breast cancer.

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