Postpartum Belly Binding: Belly Binding Is Mentioned In Ayurveda, Be It C-section Or Normal Delivery, The Stomach Must Be Tied


A woman’s body undergoes many changes from pregnancy to delivery. 

Women’s body needs special care after delivery. One of the major concerns of women after becoming a mother is reducing belly. 

In the olden days, women used to tie the stomach tightly after delivery, which is also called belly binding and belly rape nowadays. 

Due to this, along with giving relief to the mother, the stomach used to come in shape as before in a few days.

After a C-section delivery, doctors often recommend women to wear a belly belt so that the abdomen does not hang after the operation. 

But even today, in many places where midwives do the delivery of women, they tie the woman’s stomach with some cotton cloth or cotton sari so that they can get rest later. 

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Let us know the benefits of belly binding.

It is also mentioned in Ayurveda

A woman who has just given birth is known as Suthika in Ayurveda and Ayurveda describes a special Suthika Paricharaya to take care of this new mother. 

Postpartum tummy tying is very important when it comes to suthika care.

Abdominal binding or belly binding is a technique in which a new mother’s belly is tightly tied with a long cotton cloth or belt after bathing for at least 5 to 6 hours daily. 

It supports the back and abdomen, reduces vata in the uterine cavity and prevents post-delivery back pain and abdominal distension. 

It also helps in maintaining a good posture for breastfeeding.

Benefits of belly binding

Tightening the abdomen after a normal or C-section delivery helps to flatten the stomach to some extent and can prevent dangerous abdominal fat and obesity. 

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Especially those that often develop around surgical scars.

Belly binding usually helps the organs return to their correct position along with the shape of the abdomen.

This exercise helps new moms return to their pre-pregnancy shape faster.

Belly binding strengthens the abdominal muscles that get pulled apart during pregnancy.

It also stabilizes loosened ligaments and helps prevent lower back pain. Apart from this, it helps the mother to hold her baby for a longer time.

After how much time after delivery should belly biding be done?

Earlier where the midwife used to tie the stomach of women tightly with the help of cotton sari. 

Now belts have replaced sarees, now readymade belts made of sarees are also available and women have started wearing them instead of sarees. 

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Four days after the normal delivery and eight days after the caesarean delivery, women can tie a sari or belt on the stomach, this gives them a lot of support and comfort.

Women are advised to wear a belt for two to three months after delivery.

Traditional way of belly binding

Step 1: Take at least 5-6 meters of cotton cloth.

Step 2: Begin wrapping gently from the lower abdomen to the upper abdomen. Note that about 4-5 times come in wrapping cloth.

Step 3: After wrapping, tie the cotton cloth on the right side of the stomach. Keep in mind that the cloth has to be tied very tightly.

Please consult a trained midwife before doing this on your own. 

By understanding the right method and process, you can get maximum benefit. 

And the chances of getting any kind of trouble are also less.

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