Pregnancy Diet: Increase Weight During Pregnancy, Include These Things In Diet, Baby Will Be Healthy


The time of pregnancy is very special and delicate for any woman. 

For 9 months, the woman takes care of the unborn child more than herself. 

During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes many changes. 

It is very important to take a healthy diet in such critical times. 

It is normal for a pregnant woman to gain weight during pregnancy. 

During pregnancy, a woman has to pay special attention to her weight. 

The weight of a pregnant woman should neither be too less nor too much. 

In today’s busy lifestyle, many women are worried about low weight during pregnancy. 

In such a situation, it is very important to take the right diet to gain weight. 

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With the help of this healthy diet, not only will you gain weight, but your future baby will also be healthy. 

Let us know what kind of diet should be taken during pregnancy.

How much should a pregnant woman weigh during pregnancy

Due to low weight, women may have to face many problems during pregnancy. 

To conceive, the weight of the woman should be at least 45 kg. 

At the same time, along with pregnancy, weight should also increase. 

Low birth weight during pregnancy can lead to nutritional deficiency in the unborn baby. 

Due to the low weight of pregnant women, there is a risk of premature delivery.

eat high calorie

During pregnancy, a woman should consume high-calorie things to gain weight. 

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A pregnant woman should consume sprouted grains, beans in her diet.

protein intake

Protein is considered very good for weight gain. 

Protein is not only good for weight gain but also for health. 

For protein, you should include milk, egg, curd, cheese, beans, peanuts, lentils, soybeans, broccoli and kidney beans in your diet. 

By taking protein diet, the development of the baby in the womb takes place in a better way.

Dry Fruits

You can consume dry fruits to gain weight during pregnancy. 

Vitamins, fiber, minerals and amino acids are found in dry fruits. 

Consuming dry fruits during pregnancy satisfies the appetite as well as increases the weight. 

Vitamin B1, B9, C and E are found in dried fruits, which are very good for the development of the child.

juice intake

Consume juice during pregnancy to gain weight along with health. 

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During pregnancy, you can consume beetroot, carrot, orange juice. 

Vitamin C and anti-oxidants are found in the juice, which helps in increasing the weight as well as strengthening the immunity of the unborn child. 

By consuming juice, you and the unborn baby can avoid many dangerous diseases.

Time to time consume these things

According to health experts, during pregnancy, women should consume a healthy diet from time to time. 

During pregnancy, women should plan their diet according to the time. Breakfast should be taken on time. 

After this, a healthy and balanced diet should be consumed more than three times a day. 

Snacks should include dry fruits and curd. Junk food should not be consumed during pregnancy. 

Nutritious things should be consumed during pregnancy.

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