Using Pregnancy Pillow: Here Are The Benefits Of Pregnancy Pills, How To Sleep Comfortably During Pregnancy


Pregnancy pillows have now become an essential support system during a pregnancy period for comfortable sleep for pregnant women. 

pregnancy pillow first came into the limelight in 2010 when Hollywood singer Jennifer Lopez started using it for back support. 

it was known for the first time that apart from back support, it is very useful in pregnancy.

The increasing weight in pregnancy often puts a lot of pressure on your back, hips and pubic bone, legs and feet. It is felt during and after sleep as well. 

The pregnancy sleeping pillow is a convenient and useful accessory for women who have body aches and back pain, making it challenging to get a good night’s sleep. 

Let us know about the benefits of using it.

To avoid foot and knee pain during pregnancy, pregnant women used to sleep with a regular pillow between the knees. 

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But pregnancy pillows are completely different from regular ones. 

It is specially designed keeping in mind the changes in the body of a pregnant woman due to increasing weight. 

They are longer than ordinary pillows, often along the length of the body, so they are designed to provide comfort to different parts of the body, making sleep very comfortable, even for long periods of time. Even till. 

It is especially helpful in the later stages of pregnancy, as it gives a lot of support to the hands while breastfeeding.

When should I start using pregnancy pillows?

While there is no set time limit on when to start using a pregnancy pillow, most experts recommend using it at around 20 weeks, as the mother begins to experience some weight gain and midsection enlargement.

This leads to increased pressure on the ligaments. As easy as it is to support the growing belly with pregnancy pillows, the back also supports the waist and back, it definitely helps a lot in the last trimester along with sleeping.

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How Pregnancy Pillow Helps

During pregnancy, most of the women suffer from back pain, leg cramps, stiffness in the pelvis due to excess weight in the middle part and eventually sleeplessness due to all these problems. 

Inadequate sleep can lead to problems like irritability, high blood pressure, indigestion and acid reflux. 

Using pregnancy pillows provides relief from problems caused due to lack of sleep.

Benefits of Pregnancy Pillow

Helps adjust to new sleeping position A lot of changes happen.

Sleeping with pregnancy pillows allows you to find a comfortable position and also helps to maintain the alignment of your spine. 

Apart from this, the alignment of the neck, back and hips remains correct.

By using it, you sleep comfortably (sleeping on your back in pregnancy is not advisable) which helps in better blood circulation. 

By using it, you can sleep better for a long time.

What are the types of body pregnancy pillows?

By the way, many types of pillows are available in the market in the name of Maternity or Pregnancy Pillow. But in the name of body pregnancy pillows, C-shape and U-shape pillows are found, which are more supportive.

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C-Shaped Pillow: As the name indicates, the pillow is shaped like the letter C and provides support to the head, abdomen, legs and back.

How to use it: This pillow is useful for those who like to sleep in a riding position. You can rest your head on a pillow and slide your back into the curve.

The U-shaped pillow is suitable for people who like to sleep on their back, but cannot sleep in this position due to the increase in the size of their stomach. It supports the entire body including the abdomen and back.

How to use it: Similar to the C-shaped pillow, the top of the U-shaped pillow can be used to rest the head and slide your body into the pillow. You can sleep with your legs wrapped on one side.

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