Dating App Fraud: Know The Tried-and-tested Tips, Online Love Is Being Cheated


In today’s era, our lives are being recorded on real as well as digital media, due to which it is becoming difficult to protect ourselves. 

We have options of many dating apps through which we can find a new friend, date, love or life partner for ourselves. 

Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, OK Cupid are some of the top apps that the younger generation is using for dating. 

But these dating apps have also become a new medium of fraud. 

In recent times, there have been many such cases in which people have been made victims of fraud and fraud using these dating apps. 

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Let us know some of the ways in which you can keep yourself safe on these apps.

Be careful while creating profile

Whenever we create our profile on any dating app or any other social media app, then we should share the information keeping in mind our safety and privacy. 

Such information should not be made public which will have to be deleted later or you can be put in danger. 

Do not release your email id, phone number, social media id on any dating app. 

Even if you have to share the number, then keep a separate number only for these apps, which you can also turn off if needed.

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Avoid posting photos from Facebook and Instagram

Avoid posting photos posted on other social media apps to dating apps. 

With this, anyone can access your social media profiles by doing reverse image search of your photos and can also track your personal activities.

Avoid sharing these things

Don’t share your photos with the person you met on dating apps too soon. 

Do not create intimate scenes while making a video call. 

Along with this, do not share any kind of personal information like home address, office address until you have a very good understanding. 

Don’t even do money transactions.

Be careful before going to personal meeting

A restaurant is the best place to meet a stranger on a dating app for the first time, where there are many people around. 

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Before leaving, inform your friend or family member about this meeting in advance. 

Avoid consuming alcoholic drinks in the first-second meeting or allow the person to come near your house for pickup or drop. 

Avoid sharing too much personal information in the first meeting.

If the meeting is not successful

If your first meeting didn’t go well, simply say no to them and put an end to the conversation. 

If despite refusing, the person in front is harassing you by calling or messaging, then immediately register his complaint in the cyber cell.

By taking care of these small things, you can save yourself from any major fraud.

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