Abusive Marriages: Why Do Women Return To Abusive Husbands?


Most of the times we see that women continue to live with abusive husbands despite being victims of exploitation. 

A large number of women continue to be part of a humiliated marriage despite being victims of domestic violence. 

In India, women being labeled as leaving their husbands is considered a bigger insult than violence, and due to this social pressure, they are forced to live with their husbands many times unintentionally.

Being with a partner who is abusing or abusing you for a long time can sometimes make you believe that whatever is happening is completely normal. 

But what are the reasons due to which women go to live with the same exploitative husband despite suffering humiliation. 

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Let us know about some such reasons.

blame oneself

Most of the women start considering themselves as the cause of all the problems. 

This is either told to them by the society or they themselves start thinking. 

In an abusive matrimonial relationship, her self-confidence is repeatedly undermined, due to which she considers herself to be the cause of the misbehavior and does not blame the husband.

become a habit

In a situation where husbands are more controlling, women tend to take their control as normal. 

Taking scolding, investigation or humiliation as normal makes even the wrong things seem right. 

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So they continue to live with their husband in spite of exploitation or go back after a few days of separation.

expecting your husband to change

Many women are hopeful that their husbands will change in some time or their behavior will improve. She thinks so because of her love for him or her faith. 

That’s why instead of taking a stand or speaking against her husband, she keeps herself under his care and attention, with the hope that someday they will change.

worry about the future

One of the biggest reasons women stay in a violent or abusive marriage is worrying about their future. 

They are very worried about leaving that house to live alone, their upbringing, if they have children, their own economic status and social security. 

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What society will say, how will they handle everything and who will protect them, such questions keep them stuck for life in a relationship where they are humiliated everyday.

However, in today’s modern era, women are becoming self-reliant and are able to save themselves from domestic violence in more numbers than before. 

But still a large number of women are forced to perform such marriages due to some reason or the other. 

They need to overcome these reasons, they need to instill confidence in themselves. 

In such circumstances, along with the family, organizations and shelter homes working in this area can also be helpful.

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