Cracked Nipples Natural Remedies: Blood Comes Out Of The Nipples During Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding women often face the problem of cracked and dry nipples. Due to which not only do they have to suffer pain, but sometimes there is a possibility of bleeding. 

Due to this, many women find it difficult to breastfeed or they start abstaining. 

To get rid of this problem, we are telling you some such home remedies that will work for you.

Know why blood starts coming from the nipple

There are many reasons during breastfeeding, due to which there are cracks in the nipples and bleeding starts. 

For example, even if the baby does not drink milk well, then the nipple starts cracking or gets cracked. 

This situation can also arise if the child drinks milk in anger and more often due to excessive hunger. 

Apart from this, the condition can also arise due to the size of your nipple. In flat and inverted or twisted nipples, nipples break or burst quickly during breastfeeding. Due to which this problem can be caused.


Ghee has skin-soothing properties, which when applied, removes problems like burning and swelling. 

Also, it helps in making the skin soft. Many times, older women at home advise breastfeeding women to try this remedy for cracked and dry nipples.


You will not agree but this is the most natural and easy remedy to remove the cracks of the nipples. If there is pain in the nipple, apply a little breast milk, massage gently and leave it like this for a while. 

You will find your skin softer than before. It contains compounds that soften the skin and antibodies that fight infection.

coconut oil

Coconut oil has microbial properties that help reduce infection as well as crack nipples. This beneficial oil also works against the fungus that causes thrush. 

In fact, research indicates that it is as effective as some anti-fungal drugs.

warm up

Hot compress also works to relieve the pain of cracks in the nipples. Soaking a cloth in warm water and compressing the nipples increases the blood flow there. It clears up blisters or cracks and promotes healing.

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