Sanitary Pads: Know The Right Way To Dispose, Do You Also Flush Sanitary Pads After Use


Sanitary pads or napkins are an important part of hygiene when you are on your period. 

It not only takes care of your hygiene but also makes you feel comfortable during your period. 

This prevents the spread of germs and odor. 

But in many women, disposing of frequently used period pads is a challenge. 

Disposing of sanitary napkins used during periods is one of the really difficult tasks. 

People also shy away from talking openly about it. 

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By the way, the process is usually very simple: just wrap the pad and throw it in the trash can.

Because otherwise throwing sanitary pads in the open will not only result in dirt but also open and impure blood also becomes a suitable environment for germs. 

Let’s know the right way to dispose of sanitary pads.

1. Separate Bin for Biohazard

Most homes have separate bins for dry and wet waste. 

It should be remembered that dirty sanitary napkins do not belong to anyone. 

They are a biohazardous waste. Hence, the first step to properly dispose of sanitary napkins is to have a separate bin for them.

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2. Disposable bag inside bin

Place a disposable lining inside your bin, and collect used napkins inside. 

This will prevent the local garbage collector from simply dumping the dirty pad into the collected garbage and mixing it with the rest of the dry/wet waste. 

Marking this bag as “Biohazard Waste” is a good option and throw it away every couple of days.

3. Fold and Wrap the Napkin

Before disposing of the menstrual pad, fold it up and wrap it properly in toilet paper. 

You can also wrap it in the plastic/paper cover of the new pad that you will use next. 

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This will not only ensure that unsightly pads are adequately covered but will also keep odors, germs and flies away.

4. Cover

Make sure the bin you are using to dump sanitary napkins has a lid. 

Each time you dump a used pad, turn its mouth inside out to close the bag, and then cover the bin securely. 

This will further deter odors and insects. 

Plus, it will prevent curious children or playful pets from sneaking into the containers.

do not flush

It is strictly forbidden to flush sanitary napkins. 

They can clog the pipeline and cause overflow.

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